My Son The Jihadi

Sally Evans, mother of two, is on a journey to discover what it was that drove her eldest son Thomas to join leave home and join the deadly Islamic terror group known as Al Shabaab. Thomas was only 21 when he decided to leave his home in a Buckinghamshire village and travel to Somalia.

The group Al Shabaab is a jihadi Al Qaeda affiliate which is responsible for many atrocities commited in Kenya, this includes the Westgate shopping attack which saw 70 people lose their lives and a further 175 people injured. Thomas is the only known white British man to have joined their ranks.

This incredible film shows the true struggle Sally and her youngest son, Michael face as they try to come to grips with why the person they thought they knew so well and loved left his life in order to chase a life of terror.

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  1. can’t watch this in my country, im wondering if its because the high number of jihadis who went from here to syria. number 1 in europe hasjtag peace