My War, My Story

Iraq war vets from across the country talk about why many of them oppose the war. Most of these vets remain loyal to their branch of the service, but believe that U.S. involvement in Iraq is wrong. This documentary is not a statement from the political left– many of these vets who now abhor the war come from conservative backgrounds.

You will meet Dave, from Illinois, who believed he was there to help the Iraqi people. After witnessing families living in rubble, with no running water or electricity, he began to question the validity of the war. There is Fernando from the Bronx, who feels it’s outrageous that corporations are making billions at the expense of soldiers who come mostly from the working class. And there is Abbie, who has tried to resume normal activities like dating and going back to college, but has struggled with her fragile nerves.

You will also hear of civilians killed at checkpoints. Eric, from Chicago describes the accidental slaughter of three generations of a family. Jimmy from North Carolina ordered his Marines to open fire on a speeding car, which turned out to be full of civilians. What effects do incidents like these have in the long run on returning vets?

The film is divided into ten topical sections: Why Are We in Iraq?, Support the Troops, On Coming Home, etc. The style is very open, candid and informal. There is some footage from Iraq, including live combat footage involving one of the vets. Many of the vets remain very troubled by their experiences. For them, the war will never be over.

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