The Mysterious Murder of Nipsey Hussle

The American rapper Ermias Joseph Asghedom, known as Nipsey Hussle was shot dead on 31 March 2019 in the parking lot outside his store, Marathon Clothing, which is located in Slauson, South Los Angeles. He was shot at least 10 times, the suspected gunman is Eric Ronald Holder Jr who was 29 years old at the time of the incident. Holder is currently awaiting trial for the murder after pleading not guilty, but it is suspected that he had a brief conversation with Nipsey that day and was accused of being a ‘snitch’. After leaving the parking lot it is said that Holder later returned with a handgun in each hand seeking revenge.

In this BBC Three special we see British journalist Ben Zand attempt to understand the complexities which surround Nipsey Hussle’s murder. The young artist and entrepreneur was greatly loved by his community, which is what makes his death all the more confusing as people struggle to comprehend him being killed in his hometown, outside his own store. After the shooting itself rumors immediately began to circulate, who would want Nipsey dead? Were the police who were known to have it out for him in some way connected? Or was it the government attempting to prevent him from stopping gang violence?

After traveling to Los Angeles, Zand sets about meeting those who were closest to Nipsey Hussle and those who knew the alleged killer. After speaking with childhood friends, a Black Panther group, and a former police officer, it becomes clear that they don’t all agree on a motive, but can agree on there being a lot more behind the death of Nipsey Hussle. However, some OG gangsters who were interviewed put it down to ‘stupidity’, claiming Nipsey simply forgot that calling someone who is gang-affiliated a ‘snitch’ typically results in retaliation, case closed. What do you think?

Directed by: Ben Zand

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  1. He was such a good dude. He was accepted & understood by his community which gave him the power to bring CHANGE. He was definitely assassinated but we will never ever find out why…heartbreaking

  2. it’s just a singing mon(k)ey. Imagine being adored by transgenders, whores and whoremongers))) that would you justify you and your purpose in life)))))))

    • Max aka Maximum Cu*t, based on your writing, no doubt that you’re mentally ill. Given that fact, I think it’d be unfair to rake you over the coals. Your specific mention of transgenders is non-sensical, even more so because Nipsey made transphobic tweets early in his career. So why would they adore him and why would their adoration validate Nipsey?

      I can infer that you think the people in his community were inferior, which is the position I would expect from a white supremacist. You’re welcome to your opinions, though I would recommend learning how to write. Your poor communication proves that, if nobody else, Nipsey Hussle was vastly superior to you, though it isn’t like you’re setting a very high bar.

      Seek help for your mental illness and please, feel free to come Compton and tell me how inferior I am. I’d recommend packing when you come to see me, because I’ll have 1 or 2 on me.

      BTW I always keep one in the chamber, and the safety is always off.

    • bruh you need some help

    • And you watched the Documentary and that’s what you got from it? Sad individual you are….

    • How sad that you took precious time to write such a comment. If you are, like I am, a Christian, then you should be praying for others and spreading the Gospel. Being crude and nasty serves no one. This man is dead now and is in God’s judgment. You and I should be trying to reach others with a message of salvation and not being the stereotype of the ignorant, name-calling so-called “Christian”. I will be praying for you.