Mystery of the Murdered Saints

For the first time, the Catholic Church is allowing scientific experts and historians to openly test the veracity of the remains of reported saints.

National Geographic has exclusive access to the forensic investigation.
Deep in the crypt below the Cathedral of Reggio Emilia lie a set of bones believed to be those of two ancient saints, Chrysanthus and Daria.

For more than 1,500 years they’ve been hidden away … until now. Can science prove that these are a man and woman who were brutally executed by the Romans in the fight against a growing Christian faith?

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  1. u fools the jews arent the hebrews of the bible…the people the fuckin romans killed were hebrews not dirty jews(edomites)

    the basques are hebrews but the jealous jews n romans covered this up

  2. Enjoy this … myth, legend, or religious tale … i do like the over dramatized actions of the actors i.e. scientists, scholars, clergy.,. i think the show does what was intended..makes the audience wonder and pursuit further inquiry if interested … thumbs up

  3. This is merely a silly legend. How could anyone in this day and age believe such nonsense and revere some old bones as sacred relics having a kind of magical power? Even if they were martyrs, so what? Just because someone is willing to die for a cause, doesn’t validate the cause itself.

  4. I wonder how many would notice that in the reconstruction of the boys life, in the 8th minute of the video, he picks up a book version of the gospels and flicks through the pages.
    That form of book binding on such delicate paper with PRINTED text would not appear till the 17th century.
    He may as well have been wearing a wrist watch.
    Showing early christians holding up a book form bible is pure Hollywood.
    The scrolls that were available then in 80 AD would have been the tales of Jesus Pantera and the magic word of power.
    Very different to the later written gospels

  5. According to information Mark Twain referred to in one of his essays, Romans were not aware of the emerging Christianity (not officially recognised before mid 3rd century or introduced until mid 5th) but were very aware of the troublesome Jews who they killed; the christians who were killed were mistaken.