Mystery Of The Wolf

One of Europe’s last great predators, the wolf is an animal that remains cloaked in myth and mystery. But a new vision is emerging thanks to an ambitious research project in Italy’s Pollino National Park. Paolo Ciucci leads a team of biologists from the University of Rome on a quest to learn more about this elusive species.

Tracking two wolves, Rebecca and Francesco deep into the forest, the biologists work to reveal the true nature of the wolf and maintain its haven within the Pollino National Park.

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  1. I dislike hearing a recording over the original voices. Really. Can’t people read subtitles?

  2. Awesome video on these secluded wolves but couldn’t help but notice it was a  possibly ripped copy as you could see all the writing is in reverse, which I presume considering the professionalism this site shows that this has been un noticed as of yet, thank you and wonderful site