Naked Dave

Naked Dave (The Naked Dave Project) refers to a series of paintings created by Laura Molina, inspired by her relationship with illustrator and Rocketeer creator, Dave Stevens. A five-month long relationship between the artists ended in early December, 1978. Molina started the series in 1993 after an attempted reconciliation initiated by Stevens failed to settle things between them.

Stevens protested the use of his likeness, but Molina argued that she was protected from legal ramifications citing Polydoros v. Twentieth Century Fox Film (67 Cal. App.4th 318, 1997) in which Michael Polydoros contended that David Mickey Evans, the writer-director of the movie The Sandlot had violated his privacy by including a character based on him. The courts ruled in favor of Twentieth Century Fox, stating the film was protected free speech.

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  1. This was a really shitty documentary…what the hell did i just watch!!!!!!! i have no idea what the naked daves are other than bad paintings not made bad on purpose? why sue disney? why is she is bitter? this is by far poorly made and i have no idea what the point of it was !!!!!!

  2. A Documentary can be about anything, and the only qualifications should be that it is a subject that interests the filmmaker. I liked it because I’d only heard about this years after the fact and I wanted to know about this person, now I do, It’s certainly up there with the more creative revenge methods I’ve seen, and rather ironic considering the unnamed subject. I’d heard there was some “controversy” about the whole Dave Project, it would have been interesting to have touched on that a bit as it seems there’s a deeper aspect to this story that’s missing.

  3. I think you seriously missed the mark here – what was the big tragedy? Abuse, abortion, drugs? Making a documentary should teach your viewer something, not give us a view on a bitter woman’s revenge. All talk and no pants!

    • Not necessarily, documentaries are to inform people about something, not necessarily to teach them anything, at best they are time capsules of some event that if not for some cameraman, would be lost to the world. Great documentaries like Woodstock, or Gimme Shelter don’t really teach you anything, but just give you a window into the people involved, or the event itself. What would you consider the documentary, Crumb. No difference than this really, other than Crumb is a more famous comic artist.

  4. ..your very talented….explore other subjects…..prehaps themes of inner strength…or powerful females…im sureĀ  you would do well with the later……success and peace to you….lou….p.s saw your mini documentary thats what prompted me to write,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,