Documentary about Narcissists/Narcissism. Featuring the world’s leading expert on the subject Sam Vaknin.

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  1. Parts two and four are missing. The parts that do show are moderately interesting, but not enough to watch again.

  2. Wow.I will never loosely call anyone a narcissist again

  3. Ok..I think everybody has tendencies of narcissism but to bludgeon your parents and make up fake tennis games…come the f on??

  4. I am NOT obsessed with myself

  5. he’s not a narcassist, hes just a londener

  6. Please watch I, psychopath ” Dr ‘ Vaikin oft quoted as a expert in this feild is exposed for what he is a liar , a convicted felon , a bully a diagnosed sociopath – who by the way does’nt have a PHD . Like most psychopaths he is parasitic living off others his hapless partner also featured in the doco
    He is psychopath with narcissistic traits – but does not deserve the ANY credit for being a liar , a shyster and an aresehole !

  7. Anyway, what is the difference between a jerk and a narcissist?

    Who cares?

  8. I think this was the third time I have watched this in various places.

    I keep wondering why they don’t mention me. What is wrong with these people?