A Nation Divided? The Charlie Hebdo Aftermath

It was the attack that shocked the world, leaving 12 shot dead at a newspaper in Paris. After this attack on Charlie Hebdo, France now feels under assault from violent Jihadists. To investigate, British journalist and comedian Shaista Aziz travels to France in an attempt to understand where this sense of division is coming from, she meets up with some young Muslims who feel rejected by their country and members of far-right organisations who believe all foreigners should be repatriated.

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  1. Here’s the biggest scam on Western civilizations: that those that fundamentally disagree with a country’s founding principles have a “right” to show up, and demand that the entire country accommodate his/her believes when they straight up conflict with and violate the culture and norms of that Western country. Europeans would NEVER, EVER, EVER dream of showing up in a communist country and simply expecting the entire country and their lives, norms, and fundamental believes to change to accommodate them, right? Yet Europe/America has Muslims who just show up and demand every European/American change their entire culture, customs, laws, and norms because they say so. This is literally the biggest mistake every Western country on Earth has made. If you don’t agree with our laws, norms, religions, government, institutions, etc., then FUCK OFF AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! You don’t have a “right” to come here! The Western world needs to stop violating their own citizens’ rights because outsiders, who HATE and fundamentally disagree with everything we stand for, asks for it. Western countries need to do exact same thing Asian and Muslim countries do: come here and thrive or get the fuck out! This is OUR country, not some Iraqi’s just because he moved here. Don’t agree with our laws, norms, customs, religions, government, etc.? GO SOME PLACE ELSE!!! It is really very, very simple.

  2. either way, the world is going to end someday someway. all this blaming each other and then feeling better about urselves is not going to amount to anything. good luck in the hereafter

  3. yeah, war is coming people. A lot of of you fokes where probably pretty traumatized by the few who where responsible of the attack in france. Please wake up they are coming back by the thousands, so be prepared and be aware. This is no joke.

    • It is a “joke” if you live in America. Americans, as a whole, are STILL convinced that Islam is a religion of “peace” because Obama goes around declaring it so. Pretty pathetic given the entire religion wouldn’t exist if you removed violence from it. Any HONEST human being who understands even the basics (I am very knowledgeable about Islam) understands that it is built on hate, discrimination, murder, rape, child molestation, war, and a basic tenet to either forcibly convert, conquer, or kill every human being on Earth. It is literally that simple.

      Islam is the most unsophisticated belief system in the world.The Quran spells everything out in detail. Unlike Christianity, there is nothing lost in translation and nothing (important to the basic teachings) is “foggy” or even remotely open to interpretation. When Mohammad says to kill nonbelievers, he means KILL NONBELIEVERS. Muslims are by far the most blatantly hateful and discriminatory group of human beings on Earth. They are committed to violence and hate, as REQUIRED by the Quran. If you are a “peaceful” Muslim, then you are openly declaring Mohammad, Allah, and the Quran are lies/incorrect, which immediately means you are simply not a Muslim. If you even kind of question anything Islam teaches, then you are NOT Muslim as the Quran REQUIRES blind obedience. If you even slightly peek, you are not a Muslim. So the ‘peaceful” Muslims are either LIARS, or they have hijacked Islam and created their own religion yet still call themselves “Muslims”. Mohammad was one the most psychotic (by his own admission), murderous, evil, pedophilia in the pages of history. To be a Muslim is simply to be a fucking awful human being.

    • War is already there in some places (I’m assuming not where you live) and you could and should ask yourself where did it come from and who did and does profit on it, or maybe just reflect on its horrors for a while and derive some conclusions form that. As for Hebdo, a video of someone supposedly getting a head blown off where there is no blood at all made me suspicious at first, not really traumatized. Fear does not foster rational thinking, if you want people to wake up, you should encourage inquiry and meaningful exhange of information, not scream for preparation for thousands of “them”, whoever you think “they” are.

      • Oh, here we go, a conspiracy theorist. You think you are “smart” because in cartoons and video games if someone gets shot in the head their entire head gets “blown off”??? You do realize that REAL LIFE is different than movies, right? I mean, are you delusional, a liar, or simply retarded? The blood would of come out of the exit wound (ie- the side UNDER his head). Are you seriously claiming you have secret footage that shows there’s no blood under his head!? Stop playing video games and thinking shooting people in Call of Duty is accurate. As a combat medic, I can personally tell you that if you are shot by a high speed projectile, it moves so fast that it acts like a laser that slices through the body, and that the blood starts seeping out many seconds AFTER the bullet passes through. This is why, in REAL LIFE, it takes several seconds for soldiers and cops to even realize someone, or even themselves, have been shot. BULLETS MOVE ARE MUCH FASTER SPEED THAN THE BODY DOES!
        Stop being a freaking retard and claiming you know everything about physics, ballistics, and physiology to even have a semi-realistic expectation of what something like this, again, in real life and not in video games, should look like. You are an arrogant, piece of garbage for actually claiming you know better than all the REAL experts in the world. Conspiracy theorists like yourself exist because you are so freaking stupid and detached from the world that you actually think you are “smart”. Idiot…

        • I merely expressed being suspicious of a viral video and you call me a conspiracy theorist. I did not form any theory.

          You assume I not only play, but believe in factuality of video games and base my judgement on movies, whereas all I did was to express an opinion on a serious issue, unlike those you call “detached from the world” – I recon they don’t express opinions, they react with mere emotions, shout and such.

          I did not, at any point, claim to “know everything” (or indeed anything) about physics, ballistics and physiology. Your points on ballistics are fine, I understand you, as far as I can tell you make a lot of sense there.

          Much less sense here, though:
          “Conspiracy theorists like yourself exist because you are so freaking
          stupid and detached from the world that you actually think you are

          I think they exist for two main reasons, none of them being “freaking stupidity”: general disinformation – characteristic for our times, overproduction of information (both unintentional consequence of our technology and intentional tactics) and secondly, the existence of conspiracies throughout human history.

          Instead of getting so emotional and constantly using ad hominem attacks, you might want to train the ability to converse with people who may have different opinions and points of view.
          Just a thought.