Natural World: A Farm for the Future

Wildlife film maker Rebecca Hosking investigates how to transform her family’s farm in Devon into a low energy farm for the future, and discovers that nature holds the key.

With her father close to retirement, Rebecca returns to her family’s wildlife-friendly farm in Devon, to become the next generation to farm the land. But last year’s high fuel prices were a wake-up call for Rebecca. Realising that all food production in the UK is completely dependent on abundant cheap fossil fuel, particularly oil, she sets out to discover just how secure this oil supply is.

Alarmed by the answers, she explores ways of farming without using fossil fuel. With the help of pioneering farmers and growers, Rebecca learns that it is actually nature that holds the key to farming in a low-energy future.

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  1. I was very pleased to hear the talk of changing our diet. Cattle are not sustainable for the world’s population. I think it should be said that everyone needs to rethink their personal contributions to the population, ie kids. There are certainly enough out there already. Think  adoption instead of reproduction.

    • There are enough kids in Pakistan and India to come to the UK. There is no need to have kids. My contribution will be that i will never have kids and if i can i would help kids in India to come to the UK.

  2. Try this one:
    Garanteed low level of CO2. Used widely in Sweden during WW2. However, is it realistic for millions of cars? No. Is anything?


  3. What you have to learn, as shown in this video is called ” PERMACULTURE “. This approach should set you up to be independent, off the grid and with all the solutions concerning: growing healthy food, constructing eco-house and alternative energy solutions (HHO, Solar, Wind etc..) Just search Google on the key word: Permaculture.
    Be free and have good life.. greetings from MIIIX VITALIS
    PS. Other key words are: Bill Mollison, Masanoby Fukuoka, Sepp Holzer, Steve Charter in UK.. and many great others.. see it, love it..

  4. Amazing work!

  5. Amazing work!

  6. Amazing work!

  7. One of the big problems with home growing is that many new built houses have little or no garden space and what there is tends to be top soil or turf on top of a builders waste. Container growing works on very small scale but if everyone gave it ago all the small efforts would ammount to quite a lot.

  8. Simply Amazing!!
    I have about 4 acres of land in northern Thailand
    with my Thai wife and I am planning to follow some
    or all of the methods I’ve learned here. Thank you Rebecca!

  9. learn a lot about food very good doc eye opening