Natural World: Buddha Bees and the Giant Hornet Queen

The Giant Japanese Hornet is the fiercest looking insect on earth, and one of the deadliest. This film follows the remarkable life of one giant hornet queen, as she emerges from hibernation and starts to build up a colony in an old temple garden. Her army of warriors terrorise the beautiful mountain valley in their constant struggle to find food for their hungry grubs.

In a series of dramatic pitched battles, the giant hornets massacre thousands of bees, but victory isn’t always assured – one local honeybee fights back thanks to a remarkable defensive strategy, and suddenly it is the hornets that are dying. A beekeeper monk bears witness to the rising power of the giant hornet colony, and despite the hornet’s attacks on his own bees, he reveals a deep respect for these incredible predators.

Ignore VEEHD’s deceptive advertisement at the beginning of the video and simply click the center play button to start the movie.

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  1. This link is still sending you to download a “Codec/ Virus”.


    It wants me to download some unsecure and private codec to view this video. Bad, bad and bad! Well, I tried it and started the installer. Before you are allowed to click next you MUST install some custom and newbie made toolbar for your browser. BAD BAD and BAD! I would never do that, so I try to cancel this installation. Not possible because there is no such button. BAD!!! That is probly some kind of scam or virus, even if its not, i would NEVER support them by downloading that crap.

    Do not download that codec!

    • yeah I was just as retarded as you, I tried to back off, and instead of just shutting down the computer it got through. I dont have any toolbars, I dont see any new processes running and my microsoft live essentialt dont detect anything after 3 full scans, so I think I’m safe. But the link still doesnt work.

      just to repeat what you were saying

  3. Is there a part 2 to this? That ending sucked…. *spoiler alert* (the queen is killed by her own nest… the end) WTH?!?!

  4. You lack the appropriate plugin to watch the video. Get plugin? Failure as firefox doesn’t recognize plugin. Manual install only.

  5. u need to install using google browser

  6. u need to install using google browser

  7. It’s not broken, you just need a DivX Web player to watch it

  8. Loved the video, and the interplay with different species, amazing photography and ability to reach hard to see places. Many thanks to the site, those that keep it up and running and the film maker.

  9. This link doesn’t work! like half the documentarie son here dont work… its very frutrating please get your heads out of your asses. PLEASE! whats the use of running a website which provides u with a bunch of links that dont work??

    • Yep, again a non working documentary. Free…..and nothing to see. Not being ungreatful, juist disappointed.

    • Don’t complain unless you can do better. Otherwise GTFO. The internet could use a little less stupid

    • BE thankful of anything you get. It’s free, ingrate.

    • BE thankful of anything you get. It’s free, ingrate.

    • Its called being a full time student! Your attitude does not help speed things up, I do have a life outside this site but always try to find as much time as possible to help expand and repair but sometimes this can be hard so have a little patience!

      Almost all documentaries are now back up and working due to about 10 hours solid of searching I will get there when i have the chance.

      In the mean time why dont you pick another documentary out of the other 1300 we have to offer!

  10. Link broken!! Does not work. Please fix reported earlier in the week but still not working.

  11. a little too theatrical….and the english voiceover of the monk is sooo full of wisdom…it’s unbearable!