Nazi Concentration Camps

The Nazi Concentration Camps documentary was filmed in 1945 and entered as evidence at the Nuremberg Trials of Rudolf Hess, Hermann Göring, and 22 other Nazi officials in the aftermath of World War II. It revealed a stark, horrifying image of the atrocities of the Holocaust and ensured than no one would ever doubt the meaning of the charge, “crimes against humanity.”

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  1. @bringmeredwine: the government at the time couldnt hold that amount of people, it would have crushed our economy and left all our citizens without anything. yes it was horrible to say no but as the saying goes, the needs of the many out way the needs of the few

    • Thanks for your response AcidRain, but I disagree.
      There were plenty of European Jews who spoke English or French, were well educated and/or in the skilled trades..
      The men who qualified could have been conscripted into the Canadian military, the women could have contributed to the war effort.
      Industry was crying for workers to fill the factories to take the places of our soldiers who were off fighting overseas. The depression was over
      It was prejudice on the part of our Prime Minister, and the people, that kept them out..

  2. I am so ashamed of my own government, in Canada, who shut their door to the fleeing Jews who still had the chance to get out of Germany and Eastern Europe.

  3. Viewer beware, This is extremely raw!!