NBC Dateline: The X files

Dateline NBC search for the legendary underground ecstasy chemist, known only as “Strike”. The Dateline crew pick up on the trail left by a group of reckless foolish students and Strike himself, which leads directly to a man named Hobart Huson, who subsequently reveals himself to be Strike.

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  1. These kids are just having fun x’D

    Fuck off Mr date line I think I’m better than you nbc

  2. Ahhh, memories…All that doco made me want to do is drop a pill… Sigh, unfortunately, as with all highs, the lows are so massive. After 2 years of XTC every weekend, I fell into the pits of depression. Now, 4 years on, I am still on anti depressants (just hooked on a more socially acceptable drug I guess). I still miss it, like an old friend, that soaring feeling…such a shame they can’t manufacture the comedown & side effects out if it!

  3. The reason the government cares so much is that it’s not taxed, therefore they’ll spend TAX money to “fight” this. I’m not an advocate of drugs by no means but it’s funny that ecstasy killed “over 2 dozen people”, compare that to alcohol and cigarettes…both of which are taxed. The reason that marijuana is illegal is because it’s not taxed and the states which allow it to be used medically can charge 10 times the street value…because they can.

  4. Umm…totally wrong about X and guys getting it up. TOTALLY wrong.

  5. it wasnt hard for me to try and kill myself with alc, but with a roll, id be feeling amazing before id even think about taking any more. Hell, If i would have been able to take mdma/mda when i was in the peak of the hell i was living through, my PTSD wouldnt have escalated to where it has been and i would have been able to accept the past for what it was and not try and run from it, ie cutting and suicide attempts. If a chemical can make it possible and easy to talk about being molested and the like, it should just be legal, if our subconscious minds thought it was bad dont you think we would have had that little gut feeling to not take the pill…

  6. this “docu” is bullshit, distorted propaganda. XTC deaths are directly caused by the  of illegalization the drug and the subsequent lack of regulation in the production of the drug. just like LSD and Cannabis XTC has been shown in independent peer reviewed studies to be less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. Strike should never have gone to jail for teaching people how to make it right (and probably saving lives by doing so)!

  7. In the united states alone more than 75000 people die each year from alcohol misuse. Perhaps Dateline should be talking to the execs at the companies that beer

  8. ha finally got you strike!

  9. I hate American media so condescending. Who made them the moral police

  10. Decriminalize it, control it, tax it.  More people die from alcohol.

  11. silly dateline. e comes from canada

  12. Ahh what fond memories that brought back, i hven’t had an eccy in 13 yrs, now i wanna go out n buy 10 doves n get out mah trumpet – those kids know ow to party!
    ~ Party ’til they cart ye ~

  13. Lololololol, guys, just come over to The Netherlands! We know how to make/use extacy. And what is it with all those pieces in the documentary that were cut out? Typical American? “We don’t use censorship! (but we do…. shh…)”

    Drugs shouldn’t be done massively. You take one pill, wait for a few hours. If it didn’t really work, tough, next time better. But if you’re an idiot and go pop 2 more in an hour or so, it’s asking for trouble.

    There should be more education on it.

    Now f*** off, I’m gonna roll me a joint.

  14. what a twat leaving the bee on his computer.

  15. Yeah, when the narrator said “they show us their glow sticks…..” I had to laugh…It does seem outdated alright, sure the clues are there, size of that video camera!

  16. That documentary seems old/outdated.

    MDMA has been scientificly proved to be one of the least harmful substances out there.
    At least the kids who were partying weren’t being aggressive and beating one another or out killing people on the road, just as is common from alcohol consumption..