The New Germans

With several countries in the Middle East and Africa going through a very turbulent time at the minute, we have seen the rise of ISIS and the Syrian war rage on for years now and with all this conflict it should come as no surprise that nearly one million ethnic Arabs have fled their homelands in order to escape the violence and seek refuge.

Since 2015 many of these refugees have ended up in Germany and in this film we follow one of them, a man by the name of Ramy Alasheq, he is a newspaper editor and Syrian asylum seeker but wants to now examine the historical patterns of Arab immigration and how this massive influx of migrants to Germany has been received by the nation as a whole.

For Ramy personally and many like him, life has not quite been the same since the infamous incident which occurred New Year’s Eve 2015 where many young Arab men were accused of robbing and attacking German women in Cologne. This incident sent shockwaves through the nation which resulted in many protests against the migrant laws in place.

Through many interviews with second and third generation migrants, as well as those who have just arrived in Germany, this film constructs a very unique view of how Arab immigrants are feeling about the situation and how Germany has changed over the decades.

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  1. Both an interesting and enlightening documentary, very well done.

  2. interesting.

  3. Utterly repulsive race of scum. They have no place in any civilised setting let alone in a European city.
    The Germans must be out of their minds allowing these filth to cross the border.

  4. How many of these stinking Arabs can take food from the Germans that choose the wrong path.