New World Order (2009)

From the award winning filmmakers of DARKON (SXSW Audience Award 2006) comes New World Order, a feature length documentary about conspiracy theorists directed by Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel. The film is a behind the scenes look at the underground movement of people who want to expose “global elitists,” whom they claim are covertly masterminding a series of destructive events to cause a mass breakdown of the world’s economy and society. Once the world has fallen into chaos, these same “elitists” will offer a plan to rebuild the economic and social structure of the world (to their liking). This theory is also known as the New World Order.

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  1. And now we all know the creepy WEF, schwab etc. He was right, I didn’t know.

  2. americans are pathetic,and thats ok,the powers said give us your tired and weak from europe,uk,eire,you dont really believe the king of the world,gave up the americas.he ruled the oceans and the land,alex jones does what he does because he is another part of entertainment industry,slavery has always existed,there is an elite running our world and thank god for that.we live better now than ever,we need rules not lawless behaviour.

  3. If you believe this, I have some real estate I think you’d be interested in.

    Alex Jones is a brilliant man, reaping the rewards of fear mongering by stretching the truth to whatever means fits his agenda. If only I had the time and effort to debunk the entire lie that is this film… But it doesn’t matter, I’m one of the “sheep” or the “shills” that question the factual basis behind his claims. If you don’t believe, you’re just part of the conspiracy.

    • Sorry Scott, I slipped and gave you a thumbs down. Didn’t mean to.

      Anyways, yeah, Alex Jones is a career conspiracy theorist. Just listen to his Y2K radio broadcast on 12/31/99 to see what he’s about. I believe it’s on youtube somewhere. It was like Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” broadcast except there were no aliens, only the Russians setting off nuclear reactors. And Alex Jones wasn’t kidding…it was no mock broadcast…he was dead serious.

      But I disagree that his intentions are disingenuous. Jones is a guy who’s been in the monkey house for too long. All he sees is conspiracy. You see how quickly it happens to other people too. It happened to me for a bit. I saw Zeitgeist, then Loose Change, then a bunch of other conspiracy stuff. After a while all I saw was conspiracies in everything. And then I trained myself how to do appropriate research and how to find sources that I can somewhat trust. Basically I applied the same kind of research strategies and standards scientists use to finding information about politics and what-not. And I realized how poorly these people do their own research. And how questionable their sources are. I believe they believe what they’re saying is true and that they’re doing the right thing. But they’re stuck in a bubble where rational thought is thrown out the window and they only look for “facts” that re-enforce their conspiracy world.

      • Listen to what you are saying:  I applied the same kind of research strategies and standards scientists
        use to finding information about politics and what-not. And I realized
        how poorly these people do their own research.

        Who said that so called western research strategies and scientific standards ARE the highest standards to use for discovering truth?  Where did that come from when we spend billions on cancer research but have increasing levels of cancer? 

        My point is that Western thinking, science and all, are evil predicated on a Darwinian belief in survival of the fittest – the fittest perpetrator of genocide, the fittest liar, the fittest manipulator, the fittest army, the fittest exploiter of human labor, the fittest waster of resources, the fittest myth maker… 

        The paradigm that created this system of belief is destroying the planet and there is nothing any white man can do about it.  It is capable of the highest level of evil and genocide.  We are a sick people unable to see beyond our own selves and need for immediate gratification.  We will solve nothing in the world arena and actually are deceived that we can find solutions to global warming. 

        I can’t wait for God to destroy it all and rebuild a new world of peace and love because if this is the highest quality of life on this planet, then it will soon come to an end.  I will stick to the conspiracy theorists as compared to virtually all social scientists working in academia who must espouse their White Supremacist Ideology in every academic discipline. 

        This paradigm is incapable of accurate self assessment.  It is associate with the way of thinking.  Just read THE ARCHEOLOGY OF KNOWLEDGE AND ITS DISCOURSE ON LANGUAGE by Michel Foucalt or read of of Frantz Fanon’s books.  Read anything by Foucalt. 

        WEstern research standards are the lowest standards on the planet.  Get over it.  It created a health care system that uses humans as profit making machines with a policy of profits over people.  We are sicker now than we were over 40 years ago and cancer rates are 30 percent higher than they were then. 

        So please miss me with any comments about scientific standards that promote white elitism and white male privilege. 

      • Unfortunately, there is one thing ALL of these conspiracy theorists have in common and that is their belief in the so called CONSTITUTION.  You see, I am African.  And with that fact, I believe NOTHING coming out of the mouths of Europeans and Anglo-Americans.  Living in NYC during the eighties,the Ansari Muslims, the brothers with long robes, passed out and sold pamphlets incorporating all of this conspiracy stuff including books that were once banned like THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, and others.  I vividly recall how a personal friend gave me a Xerox copy of this book because it was banned and not available in the public library.  Along with Colonel Smedley Butlers book WAR IS A RACKET which also was not in print during the eighties but is now a free via a google search, I read the books before the internet was born. 

        I agree with portions of Alex Jones, Zeitgeist,  Kymatica, Esoteric Agenda, The Money Masters, Wake Up Call – New World Order documentary, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Destruction, and learned alot.  These docs help one connect the dots so to speak.  I never knew about the history of the eugenics movement until it was illustrated in Alex Jones ENDGAME doc.  Sure, I could have read books on the subject, and later did, but he helped me to research the subject.
        So it is alright for these conspiracy theorists to produce their work because it is rooted in some form of fact because white people have a penchant for evil control of the world, in the words of the late, great Dr. John Henrick Clarke. 

        It is in the nature of whites to dominate, control, subjugate and exploit that they do not have control over.  How dare the US say they came to liberate Iraqis when they have destroyed their infra-structure?  or Haiti?  Or Puerto Rico?  Who are these people who create myth and lies and run with it over other people.  What is capitalism other than a system of exploitation created by the masters running this planet in search of resources that will soon be exhausted.  Every living system is in a state of perpetual decline. 

        Which brings me back to what all of these white people believe in:  THE CONSTITUTION.   In Esoteric Agenda, it is stated that THE CONSTITUTION only enforces the God given rights that we already have.  The constitution does not give us any rights that never existed.  It was created by white men to create an opportunity to control people.  How can we call this a democracy when the PEOPLE of this country did not choose to go to war, but the president did. 

        I am former military and have always said that one Navy Seal team could take out Saddam And Osama and that we certainly don’t need a brigade to do this job.  Obama proved this point. 

        So I will never say that we need less Alex Jones, but MORe to expose the truth and challenge it in class rooms.  I was a teacher and hated teaching social studies because it is nothing more than cultural propoganda and a form of mind control like it was mentioned in Morphius and Neo’s first meeting in THE MATRIX.  I will always take the red pill (alex Jones, Zeitgeist, etc.) before the blue pill and will discover the truth as the Oracle (the bible) tells me what to expect in the last days of this earth.

    • @scott… more research, one documentary or reading one book is not gonna open your eyes to the truth, i researched money,banking,history,dictatorships/genocide,federal reserve,government,secret societies and thee one that opened my eyes and helped put it all together was the topic of religion, and i mean all religions especially pagen satanism and kabbalah and its connection to freemasonery, it took me almost 2 years to see the light. also stop watching the boob tube.

      • It’s those ‘International Bankers’ and their ‘Control Grid’, I tells ya! Jeez, while Alex Jones does raise some salient points, it *is* mostly hyperbole and suggestions to ‘find out for yourself, investigate, question’ etc, whilst making it seem like ‘yeah, there’s plenty of supporting evidence out there’ most people would subconciously think, “well it all seems to fit together, and clearly this guy’s done his research, I don’t really need to do anything as it’s all there laid before me”. and hence nothing is followed up. Should you actually read up on his claims, yes, there would be some evidence out there on other conspiracy theory sites, but unless you had access to CIA files or a secret wiretap into the seat of government, all of it is mere speculation. Not only do Governments and those heinous ‘International Bankers’* have a hidden agendo, so it seems to the conspiracy theorists, themselves 😉

        *note how there are never any American Bankers, oh no, only evil foreigners could do this, probably them bloody Brits trying to get America back for the revolution. (I am a bloody Brit BTW, so I can say this and get away with it. God save the Queen, England shall prevail, etc etc etc)