Newfoundland Through Eyes of A Foreigner

Newfoundland through eyes of foreigner is a documentary film capturing our travels in Newfoundland from the summer of 2007. It mentiones some of many interesting places which we had a chance to visit, the most known or those known only a little bit.

Original reason of shooting all the videos was to share the beautiful experience I had in Newfoundland with my family and friends. Than the idea of making it into a documentary movie arose after I found out I could enter a “Camera Slovakia” film festival.

Basic idea of the whole project is to make the movie and all the information about it available for everybody for free. Shortly said we wanted to introduce Newfoundland to foreigners. We did it just thanks to lot of work of friends who were willing to spend their time working on this for free.

Link to official website:

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  1. Too bad the bloody music drowns out the monologue. Otherwise the film is okay.

  2. Boring! It might be useful as a sleep aid, but then there’s all that wretched music.

  3. Port Au Port Penninsula would have been a great addition… There are some really beautiful places on the western, and southern portions of the island as well!

  4. would have had my vote!

  5. That was Great! Good Job!

  6. Thank You for portraying the true beauty of my province …. it warms my heart to know that a foreigner captured it so well….!!!

  7. Nicely done.

  8. I really ejoyed this video. It caused the longings of home to arise in my heart. It was a beautifull video. I enjoy it all. One day I would love to explore Newfoundland for myself. It was awesome to see my hometown on video. Bell Island looks great on video.

  9. thank you for promoting my island and province!

    • I really loved your video and although i was especially pleased to see my hometown of Flatrock, i was suprised to see that you didn’t include what we are most famour for. Our grotto and our memorial of the pope’s visit here in 1984.

      • Hi Jacquie,

        unfortunatelly it wasn’t possible to include all the interesting facts, because the film lenght was limited.


    • A friend sent me a link to this video as he new that we were studying the Atlantic Region in Social Studies. The music and video are great! We were unable to listen to the voice over as we couldn’t hear it. The music interfered way too much. Too bad as there seemed to be some great information. Can the music and audio voice over be separated?

      • Hi Cori,
        we know about this problem with sound and music interfering. This problem wasn’t recognizable when producint the film. Unfortunatelly we’re not able to separate the commentaries and music anymore. What I can suggest as solution is watching the film with good speakers or heaphones.