Newton: The Dark Heretic

Delve into a frighteningly brilliant but deeply troubled mind…

This documentary reveals a very different Isaac Newton from that of popular myth – a much more fascinating and complex man than the powder-wigged puritan of the history books.

Discoveries uncovered in this documentary piece together the dramatic and tragic tale of Newton’s dark genius. The great Sir Isaac Newton spent only a relatively small part of his life studying science. The rest he devoted to the ancient art of alchemy, heresy and predicting and praying for the end of the world. This documentary looks at this extraordinary period of Newton’s life when, at the height of his genius, he turned to alchemy and theology.

Newton locked himself away to pour over the apocalyptic books of the Bible, maniacally searching for the date of the end of the world – an event for which he constantly prayed. Decoding long-hidden manuscripts, this documentary reveals Newton’s prediction of the apocalypse.

At the heart of this documentary is an amazing paradox. How could a man driven by religious zealotry go on to develop our rational notions of science, and in turn destroy the notion of an omnipresent God, which he held so dear?

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  1. i love how a minute before the video ends, it tells us we are all going to die in 46 years. thanks now i cant sleep.

  2. vid doesn’t work for me. anyone else?

  3. Here we go again trying to convinced us how wrong and dark and gloomy is the Christian world view.
    Newton made awesome discoveries because he saw the world from a Christian viewpoint. Check the documentary, oh it is mysterious, creepy music, because he was Christian?
    What he was saying is true, and the fact that he was exploring alchemy doesn’t make him dumb, he has the audacity to analyze it and find it wanting, what is wrong about analyzing and judging, is it wrong?
    In fact one of his most important books they don’t even mention it, find it and read it: Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John.
    For example the prophecy of Daniel chapter 2 predicting the success of the world kingdoms: Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, Rome, the 10 kingdoms, is mind blowing. BTW if you want to learn more go to: see for your self and make your own conclusions.
    A good article and a fair view of his world view and life is here:
    Last thing, he is criticize because he was against university students having a hedonistic lifestyle, is that wrong to criticize what kind of graduates do we want drunkards or responsible citizens? Shame on you BBC, stick to the facts let us make our own conclusions . . .

    • “Newton made awesome discoveries because he saw the world from a Christian viewpoint.”

      Umm, no. Here, let me fix that for you.

      “Newton made awesome discoveries. He saw the world from a pseudo-Christian viewpoint.”

      There we go ^_^ all better!