The Next Great Extinction Event

Extinct, the very word is chilling it means that a species no longer survives in this world. Already there have been five great extinction events in the history of our planet. What if the next species to be obliterated were us?

We pay little regard to the planet-sized mechanism churning below our feet and above our heads, we humans are after all the apex species of planet Earth. We flourish, we consume and we drive the natural world to oblivion. Only when a dramatic event strikes such as an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or tsunami are we reminded of natures awesome force sometimes for reasons we will explore Earth and the species on it come to blows. Are we next to be wiped out?

History teaches us only what to expect, we have at least those five catastrophic planetary events to learn from if we are to avoid a human calamity.

Directed by: Andrew Thomson

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