The Next Great Extinction Event

Extinct, the very word is chilling it means that a species no longer survives in this world. Already there have been five great extinction events in the history of our planet. What if the next species to be obliterated were us?

We pay little regard to the planet-sized mechanism churning below our feet and above our heads, we humans are after all the apex species of planet Earth. We flourish, we consume and we drive the natural world to oblivion. Only when a dramatic event strikes such as an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or tsunami are we reminded of natures awesome force sometimes for reasons we will explore Earth and the species on it come to blows. Are we next to be wiped out?

History teaches us only what to expect, we have at least those five catastrophic planetary events to learn from if we are to avoid a human calamity.

Directed by: Andrew Thomson

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  1. you dont need to go nutty with secret societies to explain climate destruction. The profit motive does this on its own.

    But yes, major corporations are clearly to blame. especially the energy companies and largest energy consumers.

    What can we do? vote for green new deals. psuh for labor power (labor doesnt want excess, only capital does), join a union, push for equality.

  2. This documentary was funded by Spark. A private organization backed by Jeff Bezos at Amazon, and others unnamed on it’s website. If you are really interested in extinction events, check out the multidisciplinary integration on the Suspicious Observers channel on YouTube by polymath Ben Davidson. Extinctions happen on planet earth every 12,000 years due to galactic/solar events. It’s a cycle and we’re close to the end of it. The initial event is the magnetic pole shift which has begun.

    As of 08/22, the magnetic poles are 30 degrees off their original circular paths, heading north and south and expected to cross in the Indian Ocean sometime in the next 2-3 generations.

    This production has one purpose: Blame today’s looming ‘extinction event’ on human pollution/activity without ever mentioning the corporate, central banking, and secret society interests that lie behind the creation of the deliberate creation of extractive, dead end, global production systems. This documentary also omits the deliberate pollution programs like the military-based global geoengineering atmospheric ionization and weather modification with deadly toxic nano metals and other substances like graphene oxide. This documentary’s creators need to read page 53 of The Report From Iron Mountain page 53, and the many other public open source documents collected on http://www.stop the crime .net.