Next World: Future Life On Earth

What will our future look like? Floating cities, flying to work and traveling in cars capable of operating underwater? And how will technology advance to make use of our natural resources to help feed our growing population in such areas as food, water and electricity?

The era of smog-filled skies will be over, because fewer of us will be driving cars. There will no longer be the use for cars and roads as we’ll be piloting environmentally friendly personal vehicles between cities and under the seas. And we will never be lost again thanks to GPS-driven virtual mapping. Then again, with teleportation we will not need to travel at all.

And, best of all, we’ll all have more time to enjoy the astounding advances of our near future, because we’ll all be living longer. A lot longer. Find out what we can expect to see in the future in this well produced documentary.

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  1. Global heating will mean that we will struggle to survive. No-one is going to be building cities.
    The survivors will be living in groups of around 150 on a starvation diet.

  2. city farms are super awesome. They should start the skyscraper farms today.

  3. do they have technology to stop crime and stop people from wanting to commit crime.

  4. the water purification system is awesome especially for developing countries. super awesome.

  5. foot power is awesome to generate electricity. electricity is generated so many ways. It’s awesome to put it to use.

  6. The gps may make life easier for very crowded cities with high amounts of traffic.

  7. The fly pack thing is like an astronaut is very fun thing for an amusement park, but not for flying from Cleveland to Atlanta. Flying underwater planes are good for research and water amusement parks also.

  8. I see most of these inventive ideas to be available to the wealthy, not for those living on a low income.  Whilst I am always interested in anything that improves the lives of everyone, I am less interested in inventions that improve the lives of the few. 

  9. some day in the future i would like to walk out on my porch and smoke a bowl of pot with out getting thrown into prison. it would be much better then this stupid impossible shit. 

  10. I have TomTom ONE. I use it extensively in Canada and I’ve used in Atlanta. The maps aren’t always 100% up-to-date, but I don’t think any of them are. It works great. When I bought it (June of this year) it was the only one available that had a pc interface. I can connect it to my pc and plan an itinerary, and then download the itinerary to the device. It was also the only one that could plan a new itinerary from a user specified starting point. All the other ones I looked at (Garmin, Magellan, LG) will only plan an itinerary from the current GPS fix. With the TomTom I can enter a starting point, either from the list of Points of Interest, Favorites, or Point on Map.

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  12. we appreciate this post. i just told my pal dan about this because he likes this sort of info too!