The Nightmare

What is it that makes us afraid of the dark? does the supernatural exist outside of the imagination? If we experience something that is not possible is our experience false or are the boundaries of reality more vast than science can currently explain?

Something happened to the film director Rodney Ascher, something that changed his perception of reality forever. It was something that would lead him on a journey around the world, possessing his imagination, leading him deeper and deeper into the spirit world.

The Nightmare is a documentary film that focuses on people suffering from sleep paralysis, a phenomenon where people find themselves temporarily unable to move, speak, or react to anything while they are falling asleep or awakening. Occasionally this paralysis will be accompanied by physical experiences or hallucinations that have the potential to terrify the individual. In the film, Ascher interviews each participant and then tries to re-create their experiences on film with professional actors.

Studies have found that between 8% and 50% of people experience sleep paralysis at some point in their life. About 5% of people have regular episodes. Males and females are affected equally. Sleep paralysis has been described throughout history. It is believed to have played a role in the creation of stories about alien abduction and other paranormal events.

Directed by: Rodney Ascher

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