Ninja: Warriors of the Night

A Discovery Channel documentary on the history of Ninjas.

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  1. TERRIBLE. Historically inaccurate, romanticized and laughable! Their explanation of the origin of ninjas is flawed. They use Chinese music for the background, really? Real ninjas didn’t use black pajamas. They appeared like regular farmers or ordinary people. This is a terrible documentary and only ignorant anime-lovers would drink this kind of crap up!

  2. Does someone know where to obtain this documentary in Spanish?

  3. Horrible “documentary”, theres one big mistake in this: they didnt use black clothes, thats what they did in bunraku-theather, its borrowed from there.

  4. Well now I know how to simulate rainfall with a bottle of water, well worth the 25 minutes and I’m off to play some practical jokes on the neighbours.

    But honestly, this was poo in a big brown bucket, I knew little about ninjas before and that’s exactly what I know about them now. terrible ‘documentary’

  5. Corny beyond belief. The writing is laughable, as is the idea 90-lb. girl can become some kind of nocturnal killing machine.