Nissan GTR

Designed to rival Porsche and Ferrari with speeds exceeding 300km/hr and an acceleration of 0 to 100km/hr in 2.8 seconds, Nissan GTR is the ultimate Japanese super car. With a design that is uniquely Japanese; square, angular and blunt, made to resemble the Gundam robots, as opposed to the conventional slick design of western super cars, the GTR has managed to challenge the theories of car design and aerodynamics.

The film takes the viewer inside the Nissan megafactory, the size of 600 football pitches, to observe all the stages of manufacturing up to testing. A detailed look into what gives the GTR its super car qualities from weight distribution, gear design and suspension to the engine, hand crafted by only 4 master craftsmen in the world appropriately given the title Takumi (Japanese word meaning artisan).

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