Nixon By Nixon: In His Own Words

In August of 1974, Richard Nixon became the first American president to ever resign from office. During his time as president, Nixon secretly recorded every one his own private conversations held within the Oval Office for the purpose of historical reference but this very act would go against him once the Watergate scandal broke and ultimately lead to his downfall.

Nixon feared that his blunt remarks recorded on tape would be taken out of context and tarnish his presidency forever, because of this he set about preventing their public release, however once he died in 1994 the US government set about releasing the vast collection of recordings, which amounted to over 3,700 hours worth of listening.

The final tapes were made public on August 2013 and this HBO film ensued.

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  1. obama has done more in any single given month. i bet obuma sits up there and laughs at the stupid america’s. he still can’t believe he is still presdent after, oh loud month, trump got on the horn about his birth overseas. this lazy bunch will get locked away by a stranger from a strange land before the move is made from the dinner table
    . the ladies have single handedly torn the family out of america at the same time, all the while killing more babies than WW2 all together. who are the greatest murders? bush/obuma or women… over and done nothing left to save!

  2. I remember why i hated him – he really was a liar and a crook. Now we know all the other creepy things he was.