No End in Sight

A staggering portrait of arrogance and incompetence, the documentary No End in Sight avoids the question of why the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, choosing instead to focus on the war’s aftermath–and meticulously examine the chain of decisions that led Iraq into a grotesque state of lawlessness and civil war.

Drawing from interviews with top generals, administration officials, journalists, and soldiers who were in the thick of the war itself, No End in Sight lays out a gripping story, as suspenseful as any Hollywood movie, accompanied by terrifying footage of firefights and explosions more vivid than any special effects. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending. If the documentary has a weakness, it’s the shortage of voices trying to defend the administration policies (perhaps unsurprisingly, policymakers like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz declined to be interviewed). But the testimony (presented by administration insiders and officials in Iraq, both military and civilian) argues that, despite contrary analysis and experienced advice against its actions, the top brass of the Bush administration made decisions (that aggravated already existing problems and created devastating new ones.

No End in Sight builds its case one voice at a time and avoids the grandstanding that undercuts Michael Moore’s work; instead, the gradual accumulation of simple facts–presented with weary resignation, earnest outrage, and restrained anger–results in a compelling condemnation of one of the worst blunders the U.S. has ever made.

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  1. There appears to be no end to American foreign policy arrogance, callous indifference, corruption, and incompetence. Selfish children playing with big-boy toys.

  2. If you can forget falling for the oldest trick in the book at being fooled with Patriotism and Religion, and then focus on the “Resources of Energy” found in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and the Caspian Sea, and imagine it piped to the Mediterranean Sea, and then shipped straight to the East Coast of The United States Of America you will understand what The White House is doing in that Region. Then, imagine that Iran has fallen in a war with The United States Of America in which The United States Of America now has control of the Entire Persian Gulf Region; as well as, has full control of the shipping of the “Resources of Energy” from that area, and then shipped around South Africa and again to the East Coast of The United States Of America you will understand what The White House is doing in that Region as well. This is about stealing something that does not belong to you, but using the oldest trick in the book to make the thievery acceptable in the name of Patriotism, and Religion; it is the oldest trick in the book that still thrives in the Twenty-First Century. This is what it is all about, and The White House is at the helm in guiding the World into a World War Three as China, Russia, and India refuse to become “Energy Slaves” to the White House. This also explains why The United States Of America’s Economy is suffering because The White House refuses to give back the Tax Payers’ Money in rebuilding the Infrastructure of The United States Of America because The White House believes it is more important to invest in Conquering the Middle East with the Tax Payers Money and Blood with the only thing thriving in The United States Of America which is WARFARE! The United States Of America has been Hijacked by its own White House, in which The White House itself has become a Slave to an “Invisible Dictator” that has taken over the Nation of a once Proud and Free Democracy! Now look at a map of The Middle East, and use your finger to follow the paths that this entry has shown you, and you will see what The White House is really planning. Take Notice, that the plan has nothing to do with Patriotism, or Religion; other than, exploiting them for the desired end results of stealing “Energy Resources” of the Middle East and getting it into The United States Of America. These are the same strategies that The Roman Empire used in order to steal from other Regions and have those Resources placed in the Roman Empires’ Hands, as well as controlling the regions through Plunder and Warfare which has become “Business As Usual” with The United States Of America! This Entry says it all. Now watch the Documentaries titled, “The Selling Of Iraq” and “Iraq’s Missing Billions” and watch them in that order, and your eyes will be opened! DATE OF ENTRY: FEBRUARY 15, 2016. EYE 5

  3. No end in sight, lol, no end to film either

  4. It is a CRIME not a Blunder!!!

  5. Save a nation my azz, save Ameri-oil interests more like it.

  6. Thousands of people have lost and are still losing their lives while the big wigs in Washington sit back and crack jokes the United States is becoming one big joke please God help the USA!

  7. LOL. And when the toilet seat is down you two shit ur pants…

    Part 1 on Youtube:

    the following parts are to be found underneath.


  8. Why don’t you Find it, and BUY IT!…instead of complaining, your Highness…

  9. This is an incomplete video, showing only the first two thirds of the documentary. Either someone should find the rest of it and link it in, or a different version should be linked to.