No Laughing Matter: Inside the Bill Cosby Allegations

In the fall 2014, Bill Cosby was re-staking his claim as an A-list celebrity at the age of 77, he was staring right into the eyes of a career rejuvenation and 30 years after his NBC blockbuster series “The Cosby Show” the network was cooking up another Cosby sitcom, Netflix had plans to stream a comedy special and a 500 page biography was a New York Times bestseller.

Things were looking up until an avalanche of sexual assault allegations hit, with more than 50 women accusing Cosby of either rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and/or sexual misconduct. However most of these alleged acts seem to fall outside of the statutes of limitations for criminal legal proceedings but many civil lawsuits have been brought agains Cosby.

On December 30, 2015, Cosby was charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania and a warrant for his arrest was issued. He will remain free on $1 million bail until his trial.

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  1. Its’ terrible what the Coz did to these women!
    If they hadn’t tried to further their careers it wouldn’t have happened. Doesn’t make any of it right but it is a precursor to the abuse that took place.

    A tip for starlets: take classes at real schools, perform in small venues and work your way up the right way. When a Big Star suddenly offers to help you take it with a huge grain of salt.

  2. It doesn’t matter anymore when you’re a man charged with any crime of domestic violence, sexual assualt, or sex abuse, you are instantly tried in the court of public opinion and commercial media, regardless of the circumstances, weight of evidence or facts.
    The reality is there is a witch hunt on currently to persecute and prosecute as many men as possible regardless of their guilt or innocence because the female or feminist backlash and extreme political correctness atmosphere do not allow for any rational argument, weighing up of facts or root causes.
    In the case of violence against women, there is no recognition or attempt to try and deal with the causes at the root of the problem:- it is all about demonizing men as women beater’s and sexual deviants. there is NO room for debate or for the powers to be to sit down and rationally examine exactly what is causing the current ills that society faces.
    It’s far easier and with a lynch mob mentality to just pass judgement and punish those who are suspected.
    We have not progressed as a society from witch-hunts which is an indictment on the current powers to be. We still are bewitched and manipulated by outrage and fear, sensationalism and scape-goating. It makes me sick and pass judgement on today’s society as even more ignorant, lazy, apathetic and easily manipulated sheep of couch potato’s.

    • I dont agree cuz ive known far more women who have been victimized by scum who never got lynched, fact no jusice has been had. that said , i do agree that no attempt has been made to remedy the true causes of violence against women or any violence in my opinion.

      sex is made taboo and secret by religions, women are made products for the sake of marketing, hollywood glamorizes all types of sensless drama and bs that fill minds with backward ideas about interacting with one another, self identity is twisted and all broken for the sake of keeping people spending at the mall, mental illness is solved with bs chemicals from the drug industry, alcohol is legal while cannabis is criminalized, war is peace, freedom is slavery, we are all whores 9 to 5, and kept starving, poor and sickly so we remain perfect consumers, mindless and apathetic.. there is no real sense of comunity, merely a facade of storefronts and generic concrete monoculture wasteland. its no mystery why we are all plagued with so much problems… they say crime stats have went down… but the media would have you thinking all that ever happens is murder rape and the kardashians taking selfies of thier tits. fact is there is soooo much beauty in this world that we miss in our rush to consume. fact is we need not stress about being lonli, rape is pathetic when any loser with a cock can get laid if only u remember one rule, you get what you give, if you make yourself beautiful inside and out and show respect you will find just that will embrace you, be a pig and you will only be insulted in return. men think about sex toooo much and far to early, you gotta use your brain or the ghb is all that will get you laid like mr cosby, but if u think thats ok then please do go kill yourself.

    • My only question (two parts) for you is this: How do we impress upon others, those that are demonstrably mistaken in their perception and analysis of current affairs, to let go of their illusion inducing fear and to embrace a vision that delights in objectively confirming what is, in fact, really happening? And having found that solution, what would happen if we applied it to ourselves, honestly, fearlessly?

    • I am no couch poato and there’s no debate to have, This maniac had two lives, I use to like this ”man” and now that the truth as come out beyound a reasonnable doubt I hope it gets whats coming to him (he already lost a son) and the majority of the people felt very sorry for him, would you like to be rape…I guess not. So shut the fuck up and respect women !

  3. I understand the feeling.

  4. You did not need to use the N word, no matter what rights organisation you are a part of. As it is often used to reference those of African descent, the word “nigger” it is insulting to those of that demographic and others. Perhaps review your word choice.

  5. Yeah like you clearly deserve a bullet you racist idiot.