No Sex Please, We’re Japanese

In a world where people panic about the rising global population, Japan is facing a very different future which could see their population shrink by a third in just 40 years. One reason is that the Japanese are not having enough babies and the causes of that form the basis of Anita Rani’s intriguing journey.

Part of a season of programmes on population for This World, No Sex Please, We’re Japanese explores Otaku culture – the world of nerds and geeks obsessed with computer games and Manga cartoons – which has led to a withdrawal of many Japanese men from the whole dating game. Anita meets two men in their late thirties who have in depth relationships with virtual teenage girlfriends as part of a role playing game: ‘I think twice about going out with a 3D woman’, says one.

The Japanese have far less sex than other nations and Anita also meets the women who struggle to work and have children in a society still dominated by traditional gender roles. Added to this, Japan also has the oldest population in the world, 25% are over 65 and 50,000 over a hundred years old. Anita visits a group of pensioners cheerleaders and a prison with a wing especially designed for pensioners.

Too few young people to pay tax, too many old people needing support – it has all led to a debt problem worse than that of Greece and an uncertain future for a country that still is the third largest economy in the world.

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  1. Was indeed very worth watching. Interesting documentary and as I read below indeed, very charismatic presenter, Anita

  2. 60,000 people OVER 100?!! .. .for a small country like that (approx. the size of California) .. .Compared to big countries like the US /Canada. ..Are you freaking kidding me? .. .THAT alone knocked my socks off.
    Hello! Think about it. ..we’re lucky if we have a few in the U.S. / Canada, living to that age. ..take notes people. ..they’re doing something definitely RIGHT for their longevity that we are NOT. ..and we should be following their example. THEY have secrets we could (definitely) learn something from. This doc was VERY enlightening, and for probably a different reason than it was intended. ..they (clearly) have a multitude of secrets to longevity we will ALL want to learn about at some point or other. ..We will (all) be getting old someday, remember that. These people don’t kick the bucket at 70 or 80. ..they live another 20 YEARS!! . ..and they seem to be pretty good still. Did you SEE those cheerleaders?!! WOW! I was impressed, to say the least! Great doc. Well done

    • Japan may be small in terms of its landsize, but population size it is MUCH larger than California and Canada. 127 million people!

  3. I think it is because marriage is valued more than love. So they do not love the person they marry which is why they do not end up “making love”. 😉

  4. Thank you for informing Youtube about this and other videos you have reported. your actions have helped the team in deleting this video.

    Sincerely Copyright FCC and Youtube Terms of Service

  5. This was very interesting to watch. While I don’t agree, it’s important to see this side of the argument. I learned quite a bit, I recommend watching this.

  6. This documentary is what’s wrong with the world. The economy isn’t important. The survival of the planet and the quality of life for all of us living on it, is the priority. We need less people on earth period OR……the result will be a lot more tragic than a bad economy. Famine, war, death and environmental collapse on an epic scale. Population reduction solves almost all of humanity’s problems, unfortunately the greedy are running the show.

    • By the ‘greedy’ I assume you mean rich people, and that it’s their fault we’re camping with overpopulation? The truth is that the only greedy ones in this context, are the people around you. The friend that got pregnant and thought it was OK to have the child, your brother who started a family, and your parents for having you.
      Everybody believes it’s their OK right to have children, to give in to this genetic urge to reproduce, while in fact it is thís egominded attitude which created the problem.
      ‘One child more won’t hurt the world’, think again. EVERYBODY thinks this way.
      In my opinion, the whole world should follow Japan’s example. Bringing back our numbers to about 10% of what we are now, should bring back a certain balance to the way of things.

  7. This was a really interesting doc. I found it fascinating. The presenter was very likeable. I highly recommend this.

  8. Couldn’t stand to watch more than 10 minutes of this woman. People so strongly convinced of their opinions should not be in the media.
    Population decrease is a bad thing? Sure, with our overpopulated masses growing exponentially, we really don’t want people to stop reproducing…