No Volverán – The Venezuelan Revolution Now

Behind the bold policies of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez is a revolutionary mass movement that is saying NO to capitalism, and attempting to change the course of Latin American history. Journey deep into the barrios, out to the factories and into the heart of the revolution to find out why there is a movement to transform society. Meet the people who are fighting for power in their communities, and taking control of their work places.

Follow the factory workers of Sanitarios Maracay in their struggle against sabotage and corruption, as they pave the way forward with their unprecedented campaign for full nationalisation under workers’ control. In this feature length documentary, meet many of the key revolutionary figures to find out how they are trying build socialism of the 21st century, and how it is changing peoples lives.

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  1. Ha Ha How is the revolution going these days?
    Got Utopia?

  2. Look the other comments. They are all old for a reason: now that Chávez is dead, his heritage is blossoming: hyper inflation, food & goods scarcity, rampant crime, and even the ones who were Chávez allies are now fighting each other for power.

    And about the movie: just like all other industries controlled by these people, they have fallen into bankruptness, producing less than 20% of what they did before.

    As I say: Chávez made one of the more prosperous Latin American country into an African nightmare. 25.000 murders PER YEAR can’t be debated.

  3. Official media needs this kind of information more than ever… the whole media is completly bias, manipulating our psyche so we agree with the ones in power

  4. I wish this was more of a documentary, and didn’t possess so much bias towards one side.  I am against Socialism in my country, but I do not believe that another country should interfere with another country’s choices, as long as the choices do not hurt other countries of course.

  5. venezuelan i think you said it all there “poor“. he has been elected by the majority of venezuelans for the past 12 years ! the majority of venezuela are poor and becomming more educated because of chavez ! it`s typical for “middle class“ to look down and repress the lower class. you say there is no freedom of speech ? how about the privately owned news stations calling him a dictator and a murder every day ! ? no he didnt shut them down, but when the “upper class“ backed by the cia tried to over throw him in 2002 they cut the state owned stations signal so the chavez cabinet couldn`t tell the people what was really goin on !

    the people have not only spoken in venezuela but shouted ! it`s just too bad the “middle class“ who dont have any power anymore have to revert to cheap insults of their democraticaly elected leader !

    George Orwell said it best ; the middle class will always want to become the upper class, the upper class want to  stay in power and become more powerfull, and the lower class just want to be treated equal.

  6. Do you think that venezuelans really support this guy?. Poor and mentally weak people yes but they are showing the ‘good” side of this revolution, as if everybody supports it. To know what is really happening there you’ll have to live in Venezuela, it is not pretty, venezuelans are leaving their country to get a better life. There is no freedom of speech, criminality is at its peak and investment is risky.

    • ha yeah maybe the rich are leaving cuz its not thier country any more where they own the goverment and exploit people.  whats wrong with using the oil wealth to support socail programs???

  7. Pan y circo para el pueblo. Igual que en la Roma decadente. 

  8. Looks like they are trading one oppressor for another.

    When are people going to start waking up and realizing that they will never, ever, be able to make their political policies real? That, in fact, it is the pushing of political agendas themselves that create the oppression that everyone is trying to escape?