North Korea Undercover

While North Korea’s ‘Supreme Commander’ Kim Jong-Un has been threatening thermo-nuclear war against the United States, Panorama reporter John Sweeney spent eight days undercover inside the most rigidly controlled nation on Earth.

Travelling from the capital Pyongyang to the countryside beyond and to the de-Militarised Zone on the border with South Korea, Sweeney witnesses a landscape bleak beyond words, a people brainwashed for three generations and a regime happy to give the impression of marching towards Armageddon.

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  1. Seems Like pro american docu
    I’m not neglecting the situation of North Korea

  2. yeap, just got to that part in the doc. It’s a frightening situation that’s for sure. Read today that he had his ‘uncle’ shot for conspiracy and a number of other crimes against the regime.

  3. Anybody got any idea when this was made?

  4. Great docu. Reveals a totally messed up government starving its people.

  5. Saw this a few years ago. It is very, very sad.
    I hope the “famine” is over now.
    The corruption isn’t.