A North Korean Diary

Luca Faccio, a photographer from Vienna, Italy has managed to secure a visa to travel to North Korea seven times since 2005 and over the course of these trips he has gained great insight into the people and their worldview.

During these trips Luca managed to see more than he was allowed to be shown, any journalist visiting the country is always accompanied by minders around the clock but Luca managed to build up a relationship with his and because of this he got a taste of real North Korea.

He has discovered that the people here have the very same needs as we do but are too deeply immersed into a world of repression and indoctrination to know any better. Visitors here are rarely able to sample real life here and are primarily witness a polished version of the country and it’s people. For this very reason not a whole lot is known about daily life in North Korea but in this film Luca provides us with a unique window into the Hermit Kingdom.

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  1. Luca Faccio, Vienna, Italy. ???? Vienna is in Austria not Italy.
    Your sarcastic comments did little to keep the North Korean people
    seperated from propaganda.

  2. when can we see a documentary on North Korea’s culture and actually meet the real people and their genuine thoughts, cares, and believes?