North Korea’s Nuclear Trump Card

North Korea has just tested a nuclear bomb which is believed to be 10 times more powerful than the one used on Hiroshima. Kim Jong Un versus Donald Trump is the most dangerous stand off seen in decades and people are no longer asking if the hermit kingdom can be stopped from developing nuclear weapons, but rather it can be prevented from using them.

So how did North Korea achieve it’s nuclear ambitions, in this BBC special we see how their spies have been trying to steal blueprints for missiles and insiders who worked for the regime tell us how North Korea uses secret front companies to fund it’s weapons program.

In this film we see reporter Jane Corbin investigate how North Korea has managed to dodge sanctions and thwarted international efforts to stop it becoming a nuclear power. She also asks if it is possible for the two leaders to pull back from the brink and resolve their differences, and how likely nuclear war is?

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