Not Muslim, Not Christian, Not Silent

The coastal district of Thanet, Kent, located in the south-east corner of the country has been known to represent a perception of diversity between the seaside town retreat and an area run into social exclusion and British poverty, currently in the mist of a heated, controversial, borderline novelty electoral race, overpowered by the mixed perceptions from a candidate and party UKIP, lead by a national household name and political figure, Nigel Farage.

However an apposing party which has come to the attention of the local media was shrouded in appealing and slightly perplexed element of mystery, a party that not only wanted to re-establish Thanet as an island but also wanted to introduce it as a stand alone country away from the rest of the British Isle. The group was becoming increasingly vocal in their support for the multicultural areas, whilst condemning the predominately white ones.

Filmmaker Mark Brown who has submitted several other films to Documentary Heaven, sets about giving an exclusive and detailed look into an extremist political group/cult religion running for a parliamentary position in Thanet.


If you want to see more of Mark’s work see the following:

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  2. is this a joke??? what a load of rubbish, just a bunch of pot heads!!