Number 419

This is a short student documentary directed by Kamil Grzybowski in 2007 called ‘number 419’.
About the Captain of the ship Tampa (Arne Rinnan) and one of the refugees (Fahim Nabawi) in the big international Tampa refugee episode outside Australian waters in 2001.

*Winner of The Media Peace Awards 2007 (New Zealand)*

Director Kamil Grzybowski

Production Manager Joanna Xu
Sound recordist Jonathan Young
Editor Corey Boland
Camera assist Piet Strulik

Music Mick Kiely
Norwegian Unit: Alex Joyce

research Kamil Grzybowski

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  1. Wow, nice to see a story with a happy ending for a change
    People like Arne Rinnan and Wilhelm Wilhelmsen (what a name) keep my faith that there’s still good people out there who will risk everything to do the right thing.

  2. Disingenuous documentary designed to make Australia look heartless and New Zealand compassionate. Too bad for the refugees rescued by the Tampa. They’ve gone from one Third World shithole in Afghanistan to another in New Zealand.

  3. These people need to realise that Australia is not a dumping ground for political refugees, Although the people smugglers see Australia as an easy target and send the boat loads here.  Lets see 438 refugees illegally jump across the boarder from Mexico and see how happy the USA people are.  

  4. what a horribly biased doco it didn’t even scratch the surface of the real issues at play there. 

  5. Aussies are bigger jerks then Americans.