The Nuremberg Trials

The Nuremberg Trials were a set of military tribunals which were held by the Allied forces once World War II had come to an end. The initial and more notable trail was held between 20 November 1945 and 1 October 1946, it was tasked with trying 22 surviving representatives of the Nazi elite, all of whom were charged with the systematic murder of millions of people and various other war crimes.

The ensuing trail saw U.S. chief prosecutor and Supreme Court judge Robert Jackson pitted against Hermann Göring, the former head of the Nazi air force, whom Adolf Hitler himself had once named his successor. Jackson hoped that such a trail would help make a grand statement that such crimes against humanity would never again go unpunished in this world.

The proving of such guilt however, became more difficult than Jackson had anticipated but the final result was as accepted, seeing many key figures sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

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  1. 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence of the description should read trial not trail.

  2. 100% fabricated

  3. Odd how they were seeking justice but never mention the 10 million who died by the hands of Stalin or the fire bombings of Tokyo which killed more people than the atomic bomb. Not to mention that the only evidence the defendants could access was information gleaned by the procsecution and couldn’t call the witnesses they wanted like Stalin, Churchill, or Truman

    • This is a documentary about the Nuremberg trials. What is odd is that your agitation that its not about something else.

  4. well ternary has once again raised it head here in america and around the world as the people sit silent as the leaders do as they wish once again, the all of them are guilty! we can not have a good court with bad people, nor can we have a good people with a bad court. next we will have good on both ends, people and government, a 1000 years of family and high profit margins…