Obama and the Global Elite

This documentary exposes the truth behind Obama and the story of the people who control him and every other president we have had in the past 100 years. You will see that Obama, like Bush before him is a walking contradiction that is used to push the Council on Foreign Relations agenda that is nothing less than a global goverment. Do your own research, factcheck this documentary, and please download this before internet 2 is in place.

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  1. The United Nations as a Model of TRUST is now, ” A COMPLETE FRAUD!” It now allows The United States Of America “TO TORTURE,” “TO HIRE MERCENARIES CALLED PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTORS,” and “TO ILLEGALLY INVADE FOREIGN SOVEREIGN NATIONS!” These Criminal Acts are very well distinguished in The Geneva Conventions in which the Member Nations “ALL HAVE AGREED UPON!” The United Nations is “NOW DEAD” of its true intent, and is now a Corrupt Front of Salesmanship to a Dictatorship of The World in a “NEW ROMAN EMPIRE!” THIS IS, “THE NEW WORLD ORDER!” And it is The United States Of America that is at the helm! A World War Three; such as, an Armageddon will be death unlike The World has ever seen before, and it will be “THE CURSE” upon Man from this NEW ROME!

    Therefore, it is “COMMON KNOWLEDGE” THAT THE MIDDLE EAST WILL BECOME “THE HOOK IN THE JAW” THAT NEARLY DESTROYS THE HUMAN BEING RACE INTO EXTINCTION! GOD has spoken, and Humans refuse to listen! This has been a Prophecy for Thousands of Years! THE WORLD WILL HEAR, “SEE, I TOLD YOU SO!”

    They got their fingers on the Nuclear Bombs; they got their fingers even on our songs. The Council of Foreign Relations is your NEW CAESAR! All Your Presidents, All Your Senators, All Your Congress Men and Women, All Your Generals, All your Military, All Your Police, All Your Journalists, All Your NEWS, All Your Political Programs, All Your Entertainment, All Your Universities, All Your Colleges, All Your High Schools, All Your Middle Schools, All Your Elementary Schools, All Your Educational Programs, and the list goes on and on and on of how much is now controlled by YOUR NEW CAESAR, “THE COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS!” And if you defend the Old American Values of Freedom, Democracy, and The Constitution; do not be surprised that YOU ARE REPLACED! And YES! This is what TREASON LOOKS LIKE! Therefore, it should be No Mystery that Year After Year After Year After Year The United States of America Continues to March to “THE SAME DRUM BEAT” no matter what the year, what the President, what the Congress etc… etc… etc… The United States Of America, and its Democracy has been OVERTHROWN! Thus, THE DRUM BEAT CONTINUES TO BE THE SAME YEAR AFTER YEAR, AND DECADE AFTER DECADE! EYE 5

  2. I will never get back the 2 hours of my life that I wasted watching this disorganized, biased documentary. And really, to end with the anti-abortion campaign??! How does that have anything to do with the rest of the film?! Be a woman and then decide if you want others to tell you what to do with your own body. I choose to use birth control so that I don’t have to resort to abortion but believe me, I know plenty of women (some sexually abused and impregnated by their own fathers or other family members; and others who don’t even know what contraception is because no one will teach them about it, etc.) that deserve the right to choose. I work with these women every day and see the psychological impact that it has on them and I also work with the men (fathers, relatives, pedophiles, rapists) that sexually abuse/assault them and impregnate them. I forgot what the film was even about when I got to the last few minutes of brainwashing. How is this any different than watching the political figures of our society tell us what’s best for us and the rest of the world?!

    • The study of “Men” as a Total Subject, and as a whole “One Unit” has proven beyond a doubt that the Total Subject known as “Men” is totally against GOD. If the Total Subject could only abuse, and/or kill robots the Total Subject known as “Men” would be in anguish of boredom; it is only when the Total Subject known as “MEN” can abuse, and/or kill what GOD has Created in Life that the Total Subject known as “MEN” feels exhilarated. There is no bigger of a failure to GOD’s Plan than the Total Subject known as “Men;” in fact, the Total Subject known as “Men” even blames an Innocent ANGEL Lucifer for the Total Subject known as “Men” and “MENS” evils at being a failure to GOD’s Plan; in fact, the Total Subject known as “Men” even Murdered the ANGEL of the SON OF GOD Himself! There is no hope for the Total Subject known as “MEN” and the Planet he inhabits! The Total Subject known as “MEN” will only be successful at ONE THING; Creating His Own EXTENCTION! EYE 5