Obama’s Real Reason He Wants Your Guns

Christopher Greene examines the “real reason” President Obama wants your guns and while doing that he explicitly claims the following:

In many ways America seems to be making the same mistakes as Germany did prior to the outbreak of World War II. Since taking office in 2008, on the promise of hope and change, president Barak Obama has launched an aggressive assault on America’s liberty.

He has armed America’s enemies, violating his oath of office, by sending money and weapons of war to insurgents in Syria led by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

He has violated federal law by overseeing a cover-up surrounding attorney general Eric Holder’s operation “Fast and Furious”, in the running of guns to Mexican drug cartels.

He has lied to the American people by overseeing a cover-up of the September 11 Benghazi terror attack in Libya which led directly to the deaths of four American citizens.

He has bypassed Congress using executive order prior to the attack on Libya, insisting that congressional approval was not necessary.

He has signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act which includes provisions to permit the abduction and military detention without trial of all US citizens, violating “Habeas corpus” – the right to a fair trial.
And on January 16th 2013, surrounded by children, he has signed twenty three different executive orders for broader gun control in the United States.

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  1. Y’all feel duped? Lol

  2. It is your White House; thus, your Federal Government that wants your Second Amendment, and it does not matter of what party is in charge. Common Sense of the Second Amendment is to keep The White House “FRIGHTENED” of its Legal Citizens because when The Federal Government is Frightened of its Legal Citizens only then can “LIBERTY” reign; if on the other hand, “WE THE PEOPLE” fear our Federal Government then TYRANNY will reign, and that is what is taking place in The United States Of America starting with September 11, 2001. This is a full engaged takeover of The United States Of America that The Congress, and The White House are involved in Politically; along with, Financial involvement for “War Mongering” of the Big Banks and Large Corporations; this is THE NEW ROMAN EMPIRE and how it functions! Therefore, “it matters Not” what President, or what Political Party is in charge because the “OVERALL GOAL” is to be THE NEW ROMAN EMPIRE, and this goal is on a Biblical Scale! That is what is REALLY HAPPENING! Remember this, “THE SECOND AMENDMENT” of The Constitution is for “WE THE PEOPLE” to defend ourselves from Tyranny of OUR OWN Federal Government if our Government became so corrupt that it became Destructive to Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy! In fact, The White House, The Congress, and The Federal Government have already become so destructive that The United States Of America is starting to show signs of Fascism; thus, this is the beginning of the end for The United States of America as we have come to know it, and the death is brought on by The Destructive Behavior of The White House as now The Politically Correct United States Of America resembles more of that found of The Republic of THE ROMAN EMPIRE, and less of that of a Democracy found in that of the History of The United States Of America; thus, The United States Of America is dying; therefore, it may not be to far in the future of The Twenty-First Century that it is seen that The Federal Government commits violence upon the Legal Citizens of The United States Of America, and that will Seal The Deal that The United States Of America is now dead! That will be the sign that it is over! EYE 5

  3. Don’t let go of your gun !!

  4. Hilariously funny documentary!

  5. There is no actual solid proof for anything this idiot is ranting about Sany Hook or Australia’s gun control… Check out Australia’s gun violence statistics now, you dumbass

  6. Obama should be impeached immediately!!


  8. This is just more paranoid ranting from what I suspect to be a teabilly muzzle nuzzler. Hitler DID NOT take 99% of German privately held firearms, in fact the German Firearms Act of 1937 made it the law that all German citizens (except Jewish people) were required to own firearms, including grenade launchers if they so desired. Kind of blows up your entire line of reasoning on that account Mr. Greene. I, like the majority of Americans are just plain sick and tired of a minority of uninformed, racist, bigoted, misogynistic individuals driving discourse and policy in this once great nation. It is exactly people like Mr. Greene and his brethren that have driven and continue to drive the United States in a downward spiral in virtually every category one can think of except for number of our citizens incarcerated (in privately run for profit prisons), debt and defense spending. That’s it. Every other thing that we once led the world in we are near hopelessly behind in. Education. Middle class. Industry. Mortality. Infant mortality. You name it, if we led the world in it prior to 1981 ( and the presidency of the extreme rights deity, Ronald Reagan) we are now well down the list in and continue the downward decline.

    • Your reading of the Act is a bit skewed. The Act did NOT require anyone to own firearms, that is blatently false. It established a permit system whereby all citizens had to obtain permits to own firearms and they could be denied for any reason. Of course, if you were a member of the SS, SA, a Hitler Youth Leader, etc. you were exempted from the permitting process. I’m huge 2A supporter and completely against any system of registration or permitting, but this video was unwatchable crap.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. FOXBOT idiotic video.

  9. Blaming drugs is just as ridiculous as blaming guns for people killing people. This doc presented few facts although the overtone wasn’t terrible.

  10. Obama and Hitler, is it a fair comparison? Sadly, increasingly so.

    • I realise that this has taken me 3 years, since your post, to reply. But I only just came across this doco now, and I always read the comments prior to watching the doco’s, to see why it obtained the rating that it has (in this case, a spectacularly low rating of <3.5) and I can't help but feel that it has been down-voted so significantly because of specimens like you, whose softspot never hardened and they received two or ten too many knocks to the old grey matter under the unprotected skull-section..

      Let's be realistic, and say that Obama, is, in reality, absolutely nothing like Hitler, sir. He has some ideas, which not everyone agrees with, but none of these ideas are, at least on face value, as blatantly anti-any-particular-race as many of Hitlers' were.

      Now, don't get me wrong. I don't totally disagree with Hitler's stance on some ideas; What I am a little uneasy about, is the way in which he tried to realise those ideas, and bring about a New World Order. He made some bad decisions. Absolutely. But on the whole, he wanted what was best for his country (and indeed himself – but you have to expect a certain amount of self-involvement in great leaders), at any rate, I digress.

      Obama =/= Hitler <– that is definitive. Try and refrain from such comparisons in the future, it just makes you look special (and not in a 'ribbon and trophy kind of special', but more in a 'licking and biting at the glass window from the backseat of the short-bus, kind of special'..The kind of special that makes everyone around you uncomfortable, and leaves everyone to comment that you smell like sun-dried saliva, all the time.

  11. I’d imagine if you looked into it, you would find that most gun crimes are in cities with high drug crimes. Drug have been banned for a long time now, but they still seem to find their way too the streets. Gun trafficking would most likely lead too the same problems, especially when it’s our government doing the trafficking of “fast and furiously.”

  12. propaganda!!!

  13. Illuminati

  14. A serious documentary would’ve looked at the details of crime and the major differences in the way they are collated between the UK and the US. Yes the figures appear higher in the UK but they count violent crime in all it’s forms, including pushing, shoving, kids fighting or even threats of violence.

    In America not all rapes for example are counted only forcible rape and likewise aggravated robbery, many departments according to the FBI don’t even report all their crimes to them. You will find a higher rate a smaller crimes like stealing a bike and yes that maybe because they aren’t afraid of being shot at if they were caught but that could so easily then turn into another gun crime.

    Again gun related incidences in the UK also count threats with a gun and even includes crossbows and the like into the figures. Often figures are counted just after new legislation is introduced which of course raises the figures since new crimes have been created and need to be omitted to find the figures that mean something.

    The fact is only 11 police officers have been killed in over a decade and the police, including their unions, gun clubs and the general public agree with the laws should be taken into account. People in the US are fighting over something a whole country like the UK has direct experience of and there’s little disagreement between which they prefer.

    If America is so afraid of their government, the guns will do little as their biggest weapons are data bases, laws and spying into much of all our lives. Americans can always down tools, which is by far their greatest fear but they have to ignore the media to do it..

  15. I didn’t watch this but all I can say is that both sides of this debate are equally retarded. Everyone is ovehyped by the media and the issue is now as important as if there was a bubonic plague pandemic(even more when statisticaly you are more likely to be killed by yourself than someone else). Pro guns don’t want any compromise to end the free for all on firearms, any small bit of regulation is an attack to the constitution “communist blahblahblah” and the anti gun think it’s possible to simply ban firearms and expect gun violence to end. Even if banning guns work there will be mass stabbings, then mass chockings, then mass punchings, then mass pokings and mass stairings to death. And if you are crazy enough to kill someone you don’t really care if it’s legal or not to have a gun.

    Why do I have an opinion anyway nobody gives a shit about anyone…

    • First class moron, I give a shit. Did you mean “staring” with eyes, or “stairing” as in hooligans pushing hapless victims down steep staircases?
      I live in Canada, so chances of getting shot are pretty slim.
      Once in a while during hunting season, some goofball mistakes some poor slob as a bear.
      Most deliberate shootings happen between the black gangs in Toronto. Their guns are usually stolen. guns.
      We DID have a compulsary gun registery, but I think it got so expensive that the government dropped the program.
      I could be wrong.

  16. In this documentary, right wing propaganda is using some previous out of date right wing propaganda to scare people into thinking that every single mass shooting or at least the last one (the school shooting in ohio, had to be said, there will probably be more by the time you read this) was executed by the obama administration. This is a real shame for DH.

  17. “In 2008, the U.S. had over 12 thousand firearm-related homicides. All of Japan experienced only 11, fewer than were killed at the Aurora shooting alone. And that was a big year: 2006 saw an astounding two, and when that number jumped to 22 in 2007, it became a national scandal.” -The Atlantic

    • And I’m pretty sure no one in Japan is being sent to concentration camps or shoved into ovens… but then again, they don’t have a scary black man who clearly wants to kill us all and tax our corpses as president.

  18. What a Bull ….. documentary this is the worst i ever seenbye the way who killed americas worst animy osama bin laden ?? dit bush did that ? NOOO bush was dealing with de bin ladens in bussness OBAMA KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN he is a HERO for America

    • Obama didnt kill anyone our soldiers did.Obama is a socialist commie.Fake social sec card ,hides his past records why?Hes a fraud,very bad person.

      • When will you poor people realize that your nation, like mine (UK), is just a playground for the rich? There is nothing special about Americans, you are not blessed by God or favored by the heavens, you are all people, nothing more nothing less; get over the years of propaganda that have fogged your vision and start caring for each other rather than having a government purely for the task of making war and keeping up posture; what are you paying taxes for? So you can murder each other with handguns? So that a poor American may go untreated for an illness that kills thousands every year, whilst your army are out half way across the world protecting ‘your people’ by killing others, what kills more Americans every year; heart disease or terrorists? What kills more Americans every year; gun crime or terrorists? I’m not saying my nation is a great place, but we do not live in a proud nation as you do, your’s is a nation that remains proud after shooting its own children and then spits in the face of gun control. A brutal nation that cares nothing for its own people and each only cares for himself.

        And for Christ’s sake the Democratic Party of the USA are certainly on the right of the political spectrum. There is no ‘liberal conspiracy’, there is no element of socialism in Obama’s politics, there is no future for America as it is, only greater polarization between poor and rich, one day you citizens are going to realize it and all I can say is good luck; in the end if you want to take guns off people the people your taking guns off have guns. That’s the crisis. And you still care about Osama Bin Laden. America is its own greatest terrorist; you could have the greatest nation on earth, but you’ve pissed it all away with handguns, burgers and mass ignorance.

        • The right to bear arms is a check on the corruption of Government authority, just as a labor union is a check on the corruption of corporate authority. Since you are obviously an advocate for removing this type of check, then what type of check are you proposing to replace it with?

  19. This is not a documentary. This is the spreading of ideals and opinions. Definition of propaganda: In general, a message designed to persuade its intended audience to think and behave in a certain manner.

  20. if he was a republican and white it would all be ok…. fucking americans are stupid people… yup…obama is turning the usa into natzi germany for ww3 …stupid fucktards!!!

    • True he is a socialist communist.He wants to destroy our way of life.That is why Militias are growing all over the states.Guns never hurt anyone,people do.Chicago is the murder capital of America,yet they don’t aresset anyone let alone prosecute.Look at Obama and Holder selling guns to drug dealers in mexico.WE need to defend ourselfs.

    • not all americans are stupid fucktards.. just the loud ones that make documentaries like these.

  21. pure shit for many reasons. you talk about australia saying there gun control didnt work..since 1996 there has been ZERO mass shootings in Australia.In America since 1996 there has been 30. FACT. Its crap like this that gives the word documentary a bad name. Documentary used to be a word associated with the works of louis theroux, richard dawkins ect where you would learn something whilst being entertained. now it has been hijacked by these idiots like alex jones. again pure shit

    • I happen to agree and as an Australian, the US gun culture baffles me. I am not going to say we don’t have firearm offenses, however generally it is criminals killing other criminals, or people holding up people with very few deaths. When people are shot – it is national news here and is a big deal! I don’t understand why you would even need semi-automatic weapons OR need to carry a handgun. Gun control in Australia is a culture – it is more about respecting firearms, using them for meaningful purposes, storing them adequately, licencing people (done by gun club who therefore has a vested interest in licencing appropriate people), ensuring they can actually use the gun properly (you have to belong to a gun club), making sure the retail market for them is tightly regulated etc. People in the US have guns because they are insecure – it is a known fact most of them don’t even know how to use them which is dangerous. I’d much rather be held up and give over cash than have some dimwit pull out a handgun and get us all shot because of incompetence. People still have guns – they just know how to use them meaningfully and respect them. 10% of firearms in the US, which were used in offenses were stolen. Less than 0.5% of those use in offenses in Australia are stolen – why? – because we have laws surrounding how to store them appropriately. I would never even hear of a child having access to a gun here. Any child born after gun control came in has probably never even seen one in real life. In the US you can buy them in department stores and keep them on your kitchen table – there is something wrong with that. I laughed the other day about a youtube video of an american guy who was stopped by police to be searched because he was carrying a gun – which police can’t do. I found it incredible that he has a right as some incompetent boob, who probably can’t even use the handgun, to carry it around, in the middle of the street as if it is some deterrent to crime / being attacked. It was extremely baffling – the following are more likely to occur than him ever needing the gun:
      1. He will accidentally shoot himself.
      2. His gun will accidentally kill a minor
      3. His gun will be stolen and be used in violent crime.