Occupy Movie

This inspiring documentary highlights the unified voices of Occupy movement participants. This compelling look into the perspectives of citizens rallying for change sits in stark contrast to the out of context portrayal of the Occupy movement falsely created by media corporations.

Occupy Movie has been released as a social film experience! You can now INTERACT with each of the speakers in the film. e cig

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  1. For April 10, 2012 at 4:29 am | L,

    Free business lesson from the owner of a corporation, you half-wit: If you waste your time working at McDonalds, you will never, NEVER be in the one percent. If you think all it takes is to work really hard at something, you have less than zero understanding of how the economy functions.

    But here’s a little math puzzler for you, twit. If all it takes is effort, how are you going to fit the bottom 80% into the top 20% of slots? Hmmm?

    Now go rent a tub grinder and make the world a better place by diving in it.

  2. Stop talking shit, any one of you fuckers can be homeless the next day. Then who gonna be crying? YOU! and don t lie and say you wont be.So stop being so fucking stupid and be bless your have a job cause while you talking shit, the government gonna get your ass too! Take your head out your ass OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE.

  3. Maybe if they got off their asses and went to go work at McDonalds they would be in the 1%. It’s at least a step forward instead of sitting around wasting air like all of these people.

  4. it all seems to be about money and who gets it!!  if youve got money chose where you put it…. you can spend it with a huge corp ? or spend it locally, and stop buying so much stuff your only feeding the greed

  5. opinions are like assholes. everyone has one. blah blah blah. idiots. Each is talking and they are not listening to each other. Less talk more …

  6. Thank you for sharing our film. Anyone who wants to join the conversation can do so at

  7. Most of the speakers are saying that they are fed up and tired. However I think it is human nature to see where we are and to see where we want to be. Whether you’re poor, middle class or the 1%. We all want more. Whether that is more money more freedom more equalityor just about anything that you can mention. It is up to the individual to start on the road to getting what you want to, and band together in small groups of like-minded people then organize into larger groups start a movement collect money sponsor bills suggests laws elected representatives that have the most similar thoughts and wants as the organization wants. Then in 200 years what you will have is exactly what we have now. The rich will be rich and middle-class will be middle-class and the occupiers will be the same group of people just five or six generations down the road. If we took all the income in the world and divided by all the people in the world in 200 years same people that are rich today will have achieved wealth and the same people that are at the bottom of the economy will end up at the bottom of the economy again.

    • I understand your point but…
      When we were still animals we needed to kill in order to survive, at that time it was normal to kill someone else. In time we realized that even the weakest has the right to live and we decided to make “killing” illegal.
      It is called civilization. A civilized society takes care of every single individual of its community.
      I like to believe that one day it will be illegal to make money if those money come from the sweatting of other people.
      I firmly believe in freedom (so I am not comunist), I believe in the fact that if you are a hard worker you deserve more than a lazy guy, but I also understand that my freedom must stop where someone else’s freedom starts. I can be the smartest guy on the planet but this shouldn’t allow me to take as much money as I can. It shouldn’t allow me to abuse the system I live in, manipulate it in my own interest. Don’t you see anything sick in that? Isn’t it as bad as killing? Or stealing? Or raping? I hope that one day the system will redefine these boundaries.
      We will always have differences, as you said, because we are all different but there is a big difference between a good worker and a legal thief.
      We are controlling anger with lows…some how, if you bit up someone you go in front of a judge, let’s controll avidity in the same way.
      Ps: please forgive my poor english.

  8. but we are all still buying mobile phones and gas for cars!!…