Oil, Smoke and Mirrors

Through a series of interviews, this film argues that the bizarre events surrounding the 9/11 attacks, and the equally bizarre prosecution of the so-called “war on terror”, can be more credibly understood in the wider context of an imminent divergence between the supply and demand of global oil.

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  1. Peak oil’s socioeconomic impact

    According to Richard Heinberg, peak oil will likely mean an end capitalism because it depends on relentlessly exploiting the world’s scarce natural resources of which oil is the key. Because oil and fossil fuels has clearly played a central role in industrializing the world, the documentary suggests that we will likely revert back to a barter economy and/or feudalism. While these claims are largely speculative, Heinberg, the documentary’s expert on the socioeconomic impact of peak oil apparently conflates industrialization and capitalism, without realizing that you can have one without the other. What Heinberg presents is essentially a presentis argument from incredulity with side orders of equivocation and non sequitur: Because he can’t see how our current version of capitalism (which he conflates with industrialization) can survive, no version of capitalism can survive (a non-sequitur due to the earlier erroneous conflation).

  2. War on Terror is really a War About Oil

    The documentary trundles along the well-worn path about oil being the real reason behind the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan while terrorism was nothing more than a convenient excuse. Most of the world’s oil (about 60% of all of the oil in the world) is located in the Middle East, so any US action in the region must be a question of oil, right?

  3. Peak oil will cause economic collapse

    This documentary also omits any explanation for why and how peak oil will cause economic collapse, not mentioning why alternatives to oil (i.e. biofuels, hydrogen, nuclear, and coal) don’t work and just asserting that peak oil will cause economic collapse.

  4. so ang  oil cames from decayed dinos may be all dinos massed together when thay died to make oil ……and the earth is still flat omg pople still believe this?

  5. I suspect the Georgia Guidestones provide a solution, extermination 94% of the human population would create new pools of biomass, with the technology to convert it to oil. There are some folks who seem to think this would be a good solution, a solution similar to soilent green. The planet would return to it’s pristine natural state with just the murders around to enjoy it, id hey could keep from murdering each other, which I doubt. These creepshows are out there.

  6. it comes from decayed organic matter in the earths core, from the time of the dinos. You do realize the earth cant simply regenerate it in a matter of a few weeks days years whatever you are thinking.. peak oil is exactly what the nwo would NOT want you to know about.

    • ang, or anyon else who would care to cure their misguided understanding of the subject; for starters here is a link to some good info on the subject: There is much more on this subject, just do the research.

      Hell, vulcan and solar activity have ‘a hell of a lot’ more influence on our climate than anything man can ever dish out, except maybe all out nuclear war (MAD)…even then, I’m very doubtful.

  7. Propaganda, nothing more.

    No such thing as peak oil.
    Fact: oil is continuously be generated within the earth’s core. They are finding that depleted oil fields, when left alone for a while, are being replenished.

    No, it’s all about control and the coming New World Order.