The O.J. Verdict: Shock of the Century

20 years ago O.J. Simpson went on trial for two grizzly murders, that of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and 25 year old waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman. After 9 months of riveting twists and turns he was eventually acquitted of all charges.

Now over 20 years on CNN decide revisit the case in this special report, going behind the scenes, inside the jury room and outside the courtroom, examining the ins and outs of the trail in an attempt to shine some light on the events that took place and the crime itself.


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  1. This gave me goose bumps listening to the verdict again. So unjust. It absolutely was about race. I wonder how it may have gone if Nichole had been a black women.

  2. First off this man is guilty as sin, ok granted some evidence was planted by that nerd of a cop.
    Can someone tell me the IQ of Nicole’s father his girl was beaten by this guy…why in the hell didn’t he get her out of there with her conscent or not, as a Father myself who fought the courts for seven years to get the sole custody of my son I am appauled by is non action to protect his child life, then you see him coming out of the civil court having won millions for wrongfull death with a big smile on his face what a looser.
    Knowing myself I can assure you that the ”glove” would have fit him…maybe not on the hands tough !

  3. see it, then talk..