On Point: A Vinyl Documentary

On Point is a documentary film by Charlotte Bacciochi filmed in Coventry during 2013. The film explores the world of vinyl, interviewing several store owners, music producers and DJ’s who all seem to share a great love for records and recall their feelings of how things used to be when vinyl sales where booming, as well as their view on the modern digital age.

Perhaps something is lost in the ability to simply download a single rather than having a hard copy? Either way, On Point sets about exposing some of the issues found in the music industry today.

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  1. Great first video understood all what was said & I have little hearing left from a lifetime of excessive SPL’s from my spinning 45’s career, Nevermind Char the waankers negative comments & keep up your passions in life
    Cheers from Toronto

  2. I was hoping this documentary would touch on the “Vinyl Mafia” that makes it so hard for small labels and independent artists, particularly in the EDM market to get their music pressed to vinyl. By “pressed” I mean “manufactured” at or above retail quality, for retail distribution.

    There is a need for more reasonable options for small or start-up labels like limited press runs, and small batch orders that can actually be flipped rather than an expensive promotional campaign that looks like a standard cost, retail record from the customers viewpoint. Try finding that needle. Your gonna have a hard enough time trying to find the haystack.

  3. Good Charlote excellent documentary Shit Band ! may the Vinyl keep the rain off your back

  4. Fair play, good effort for a first documentary. Grew up spending my afternoons in Cov record shops so nice to hear some of the old places mentioned.
    Disagree about the need for subtitles too, maybe it’ll do some ‘non-Bits’ some good to hear how English is meant to be spoken!!

    • Well my English is pretty fluent and have not had the need for subtitles on any other docu I have ever watched on this website.
      ‘How English is meant to be spoken’, although I agree on this sentence, the ‘English’ spoken in this docu is clearly some form of dialect and not ‘English as it was meant’. The quality of the audio did also not make it any easier to understand. I applaud the creator of this docu, for taking the time and effort, but please try again. I am pretty sure that at least half of the people who want to watch this, ultimately can not. Which, again, is a shame.

  5. Good concept. Poorly executed.

  6. Shit docu-bullshit

  7. Definitely needs subtitles. Can’t understand a damn thing you blokes are saying! Seems like a good documentary, but you all are impossible to understand with your slang.

  8. As a non-Brit, I find it very hard to understand what is being said. And I am sure I am not the only one, you might want to consider adding subtitles. Without them, this is impossible to follow for me, a shame for it seems interesting enough.