One of America’s Most Notorious Militias

Norman Olson is the founder of the Michigan Militia, the most famous / notorious / we think maybe oldest? group of the early-90s citizens’ militia movement. If you’re too young to remember, that was this thing where guys in camouflage got together to train with their guns and guys with cameras pretended they were scary and racist. The movement hit a speed bump when it got blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, and Norm Olson didn’t do much good for his own group when he tried to pass the blame to the Japanese—an idea which, if you subscribe to certain theories concerning the earlier sarin-gas attack on the Tokyo subway and the responsible doomsday cult’s alleged connections to the Japanese Imperial Family, makes a limited sort of sense, but otherwise sounds like the craziest of all possible answers. With faith already shaken in his leadership, Norm then hitched the Militia’s wagon to fears over that Y2K thing and by February 2000 the group was essentially defunct. However, as you may have heard from the Southern Poverty Law Center or one of the hundreds of press outlets who reprinted their press release as a “story,” right-wing militia activity is back on the upswing. And never one to look a media jizz-rush in the mouth, Norm and his old compatriot Ray Southwell are using the momentum to try and get a new militia started on Alaska’s Kenai peninsula. So far it’s been going kind of rough, but that didn’t stop Norm and Ray from inviting us in for coffee and a quick flip through his big, yarn-bound book of Militia Mem’ries. Come join us, as we televize the nostalgialution…

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  1. I took care of Norm Olson father back in the early 90’s before I moved back to our home town area and I was treated with upmost respect. He is a honorable man and a true patriate! I have nothing but respect for this man.

  2. it is a excellent weblog and i enjoy it very much!

  3. I have fines, beating and imprisionments for anti abortion blockades and a Fed prision stint at Portsmith NH for refusing to be involved in the killing in Nam. Thats my whole life making sure I don’t have any blood on my hands.When they start really killing millions, I always end in up in prison, for crap like not shaving and justing sitting in front of a clinic door. Don’t call me a coward, it don’t fit, and I did this at 20 years of age. I am 65 now.

  4. Domestic enemies are legion. Dum dum ammo cost more than a standard round. Does anyone one in you militias use his most expensive ammo for target practice, and save the cheap ammo for a real fire fight? This is what the goverment is caiming they are doing. I am an authentic Christian, who interpets the Holy scripture which says, he who is to go into captivity, into captivity he must go, he who is to be killed, must be killed. War with the beast cannot be won is what this is saying. If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. Most of you love freedom, your not the domestic enemies. The Christ also spoke of a king who see another coming at him withan army he cannot defeat. The median point is to endure, not to surrender, or go downfighting. Enduing to the end is the Christ;s guidance. I place my trust in the Only Holy One, and hope to die, as I am now, with no blood on my hands. May his Grace guide you to His perfect Justice and Freedom in His Truth.

  5. uhh.. he’s old.

  6. why so nervous? the guy wont stop fidgeting.