Only the Dead

Only the Dead is a tale of war unlike any other, it is the story of what can happen when an ordinary reporter finds himself in the Middle East at a time when some of the more extreme combat was taking place.

Michael Ware arrived in Iraq back in 2003 on what was initially meant to be a three week assignment for Time magazine, he would end up staying their for 7 more years. Ware was unique in his reporting and whilst having been faced with great dangers he still managed to cover the fighting from both sides, spending time with insurgents as well as U.S. troops.

Throughout his time in Iraq he captured a huge amount of footage some of which was quite grim in nature. He was also handpicked by some of the most wanted / dangerous terrorists around to deliver their message to the world at large via video tape. This film takes us on an epic journey into the deepest recesses of the conflict revealing the truths of war and its brutality.


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