Only the Dead

Only the Dead is a tale of war unlike any other, it is the story of what can happen when an ordinary reporter finds himself in the Middle East at a time when some of the more extreme combat was taking place.

Michael Ware arrived in Iraq back in 2003 on what was initially meant to be a three week assignment for Time magazine, he would end up staying their for 7 more years. Ware was unique in his reporting and whilst having been faced with great dangers he still managed to cover the fighting from both sides, spending time with insurgents as well as U.S. xxx. troops.

Throughout his time in Iraq he captured a huge amount of footage some of which was quite grim in nature. He was also handpicked by some of the most wanted / dangerous terrorists around to deliver their message to the world at large via video tape. This film takes us on an epic journey into the deepest recesses of the conflict revealing the truths of war and its brutality.


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  1. the story does not end at 1;16;24 with the words of an unwise man, the story ended most cases back home in the states as these men put guns in their own mouths and pulled the trigger trying to make the noises inside their own heads end. i will also tell you it didn’t end once the bullet cleared the chamber and landed in the wall back home either. they had another round to go, it is called answering for your actions, it don’t matter what someone told you to do, it matters what you did! you marched in to a world where they were trying to protect what was theirs and you killed in the name of rent, food and whatever else you wanted as if GOD would not care, well you were and are wrong, he cared, for you are now dead and by the same hand. that once killed people you never cared to know. you did not hold those who paid you accountable for your actions and in the name of some god you didn’t even know, called cash flow. did anyone learn anything here? i did. GB and DC knocked down the world trade centers. does that mater? when i see you again, i will ask you…

  2. Good documentary…

  3. It kills me to know that they do all this murdering in the name of God. This is not God! God is love!

  4. An amazing documentary that captures perfectly the brutality and futility of war.

  5. One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. Wow

  6. those last moments were terrible does he have a pulse…the guy is gasping for air WTF
    No medic can do anything for him so just put a few others in him and finish it already.