Order and Disorder

A two part documentary series released by the BBC back in 2012, we see Professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates the important concepts of energy and information.

Episode 1: Energy 

How was it that Humans acquired the power to transform the planet as we did? Looking at the Earth at night from space reveals just how successful we have been in harnessing and manipulating energy and how important it is to our very existence. Energy is vital to us all, we use it to build the structures that surround and protect us, we use it to power our transport and light our homes but even more crucially, energy is essential to life itself, without the energy we get from food we eat, we die. But what exactly is energy and what makes it so useful to us?

Episode 2: Information

We are surrounded by order, over the last 300 years we have developed amazing new ways to take advantage and harness energy and we have used this ability to transform our environment, this however is simply one type of visible order that we have created on planet Earth, there is another type of invisible order. Something that we are only now truly understanding the complexity of but one that nature has been harnessing for billions years, something we call information.

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