Organic food: Hype or Hope?

In society today there is a growing demand for organic food, but with this demand comes risk, do we as consumers always get what it says on the label? Of course anyone who opts for organic food clearly wants to lead a healthier life, but is organic food actually better for you when conventional farming is taking place all around it? How can this quality be verified?

One analogy is put forward by a farmer to elaborate on the issue:

It’s a bit like with a smoker and non-smoker, one person lights up while the other person is still eating and they suffer

The organics food business is extremely lucrative and because of this fact fraudulent labelling is not uncommon. It becomes a real challenge to prove whether or not your food is organic as no real test exits, but in this film they set out to explore what options are available and how does this affect the market and our health in general.

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  1. A time will come when the food consumed by the poorest of the poor will be the most highly contaminated & the cheapest in the world. While the chemical free food will only be afforded by Elitist. Mark my words