The Original 50 Cent

This is the true life story of Kelvin “50 Cent” Martian the street legend who inspired the biggest name in rap, the original 50 Cent. The original 50 Cent was said to have terrorized the streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn and surrounding areas. He was known to frequently carry a Colt .45 and .357 Magnum, he was feared by local residents during the height of crack cocaine epidemic. It is said that the original 50 Cent had murdered 30 people and eventually his exploits caught up with him.

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  1. The presenter sounds like a mix between major payne and method man.

  2. You’ve misspelled his name I’m assuming it’s not ‘Martian’

  3. inspired the Biggest name in rap…are you kidding me lol, 50 cent is a joke, and a terrible rapper. the real 50 cent is turning in his fucking grave right now,