Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened?

Oscar Pistorius was on top of the world, breaking world records, winning gold in the London 2012 Paralympics, and becoming the first leg amputee to participate in the summer Olympics. But now, he stands accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and according to police, it was premeditated, but Pistorius claims it was an accident, so, what really happened?

There is one question that bothers most of us, how did Oscar not realise was not in the bed next to him when he picked up the gun and proceeded to shoot her through the bathroom door, wouldn’t she have said something to make him realise it wasn’t an intruder?

“I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated murder, as I had no intention to kill my girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp” – Oscar Pistorius.

Since his bail, reports have emerged of a different side of Oscar Pistorius, involved in brawls and late night fracas. Witnesses note that when setting bail, the judge made it conditional that until he returns to court in June, Pistorius must not consume alcohol and will be randomly tested to ensure he complies.

Presented by Rick Edwards, this documentary delves into what really happened at “Blade Runners” apartment in the early hours of February 14th, analysing the events that lead to the tragic death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The film features special 3D graphics, sworn testimony, exclusive interviews, giving us a complete picture of the controversy that was unfolding.

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  1. “one way or another” that’s for sure, as also for all of us.
    It Is Written: “the wages of sin is death”, but Jesus paid it all by His precious blood, & thus made a way to redeem us as long as we’re willing to accept His free gift.

  2. Frankly, I don’t believe in his innocence. I think he did it and he is blaming it on some burglar. First of all, why didn’t he make sure that Reeva was safe in bed. When he was walking over to the bed to go to the bathroom, didn’t he notice that the bed was empty? If he is really scared at night because of violence or burglaries, why does he keep the veranda doors open?

    It doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, did he call out her name when she was in the bathroom? If there was really a burglar, she would have jumped from the bed and asked him whats going on or he would yelled out her name to ask her to hide somewhere for her to be safe or protect her in some way, but none of that happened, because he knew it wasn’t a burglar. The only reason why he is crying like a idiot it’s not because he regrets what he did, is because he knows he lost everything he worked hard for. I saw the documentary about Reeva’s parents and honestly, it’s heart wrenching to hear especially her father talking about her, he adored her. I hope he rots in hell, but since he brings alot of money and exposure to south Africa, I don’t think he will ever serve one day in jail.
    I believe he acted out of jealousy, they got into a fight and Reeva ran to the bathroom to call a friend or a family member (she had her cell with her in the bathroom. Who the hell takes their phone going for a piss at 2-3 AM anywhoo) He got angry and he did what he did……IDIOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I actually had the feeling that Reeva’s ex was kind of holding out on information. I think he feels guilty that he and Reeva may have inadvertently caused trouble between Reeva and Oscar – with obviously tragic results. Sometimes people play with the feelings of others quite irregardless or totally unsuspecting of the possible consequences. This is irresponsible and stupid. It is not their fault if Oscar felt vulnerable and insecure in the relationship, but they should have been more understanding and taken his feelings into account more. On another note: Things have changed dramatically and drastically for Oscar Pistorius since the trial date has been rescheduled to August 19th, the date of what would have been Reeva Steenkamp’s 30th birthday. On the 22nd of July, he will enter a parlous and perilous numerological cycle, which will continue through to the 22nd of November, 2013. The trial date falls within that time frame, and this does not bode at all well for Oscar. If you would like to read my updated ebook, (which also includes my unique findings hidden within Reeva’s paintings which eerily forecast not only the tragedy but the calendar date and geographical location of it as well) “Oscar Pistorius Reeva Steenkamp A Double Tragedy”, please either go to Lulu and type in my name, Pamela Lillian Valemont or follow this link: Also available in hard or soft cover. Thank you.

  4. Terribly badly done doc. Voice of journalist with a perfectly trimmed beard and an annoying accent present all the time, instead of making pictures/audio-recordings/body language of witnesses etcetera speak for themselves.

  5. How very interesting.
    This doc presents interviews with some of the people who knew Reeva and Oscar best; including an editor of The Globe (in South Africa), a broadcaster, Reeva’s tattoo artist and law students from Reeva’s law school.
    There is no annoying sensationalism.
    Oscar appears in taped segments over the years as a charming and sweet young man.
    Reeva is portrayed by those closest to her as a wonderful, down to earth woman.
    Lines are drawn between Reeva and Oscar’s friends on his guilt or innocence.
    Reeva’s best friend, however, never mentions that she was unhappy with Oscar’s behaviour.
    The host of this doc remains neutral. It’s funny how he’ll suddenly swing his head in mid-sentence to face a different camera! (but I digress)!
    We are also presented with a picture of how violent and dangerous South Africa has become and about its gun culture.
    I think the only way to get the truth is to examine the calls and texts between the couple before Reeva’s death.
    I found Oscar’s version pretty unbelievable. Maybe he did actually over-react to a noise in his bathroom.
    The fact that he called Reeva twice while she met with her old boyfriend spoke volumes, to me.
    Only Reeva and Oscar know what really happened.
    This event reminds me so much of the O.J. Simpson and Nicole tragedy, and look how that turned out.
    I would have liked to see Oscar’s ex girlfriends speaking out. that could have spoke volumes about what he was really like, behind closed doors.

    • I agree there needed to be more input from his past associates. But the key point in this presentation is the fact that the judge himself has raised 5 questions that Oscar P. will have to answer during the trial. There should be some focus on his overly aggressive and insecure character; especially when he telephoned Reeva twice while she was visiting her old boyfriend. The fact that she told him where she was going should have alerted him to her honesty and integrity….she had nothing to hide. None of us were there that night to know exactly what happened; but Oscar is clearly the architect of his own destruction. He became affected by the superman syndrome which will be the cause of his character demise. He needs to be restrained behind bars until he can face his own demons one by one. O.J. Simpson became afflicted with this disorder that affects the ego. He killed his wife or had someone kill her. Then he got acquitted. However justice has an uncanny way of emerging. He is currently imprisoned; serving 15-33 years. So if indeed Oscar P. did intentionally kill Reeva…rest assured he will pay the price one way or the other.