The Other Side of Dunkirk

On the morning of the 26th May, 1940, an order was transmitted from Admiralty building in London, to a secret headquarters in Dover. The order stated that the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force should begin from the port of Dunkirk and the beaches near by.

A vast armada of ships was approaching the French coast to facilitate the evacuation, codename Operation Dynamo took place over 10 exhausting days, resourcefulness, superb planning, bravery, nerve and courage allowed the BEF and divisions of the French army to live and fight another day. Winston Churchill knew immediately that something extraordinary had happened at Dunkirk.

Our understanding of what exactly happened at Dunkirk itself has largely been shaped by powerful myths and misconceptions, this film a European look at the crisis and asks new questions from a French and German perspective as well as from a British point of view.

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