Our Future in Space

This vigorous discussion on “Our Future In Space” featuring Phil Plait, Pamela Gay, Lawrence Krauss, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson was one of the most memorable moments at TAM 2011 Las Vegas. We invite you to enjoy the video of this great panel discussion.

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  1. In the world today and in its current state I don’t believe we will even make to the deep space age as corrupt as the world is and its poor government and poor communication I dont believe we can do it unless humans change their ways believe me I know I’m a scientist

  2. This is supposed to be professional. I was so damned excited to watch this and now that it’s over I feel like I’ve wasted my time. SOOO much conflict of personalities, bickering, ridiculous jokes that are completely not necessary. This could have been an excellent discussion but what little information is in this could have been said in 5 minutes or less. It’s just pathetic to me that these guys can’t maintain a good solid professional AS WELL as courteous discussion. absolutely pathetic. Clash of ego’s. It’s like children bitching at eachother. once again. PATHETIC.

  3. it was nice and wondfrull

  4. It’s made by the James Randi Educational Foundation.

    What else needs to be said?

  5. Wonderful, wonderful discussion. Why isn’t stuff like this on regular broadcast media? Oh yeah. It requires thought….

  6. What are we even talking about here? Whats more important,Finding the secrets of the universe,or trying to save MONEY doing it.All im hearing is it cost to much,companys wont invest in it,we cant fit that into the budget,blah blah blah.It seems to me that money or lack of it seems to be the issue.How bout the human race grows up and realises that money is the one and only thing that is retarding the advancement of mankind.What are we fuckn stupid?

    • if you think so haw about you pay for it , by my guest ,.

      • money does NOT even exist! resources and people sure do. technically, by using resources and time spent by scientists/engineers you can do anything you want. people believe you NEED money… biggest joke of all time. 

        • i can guarantee that you can assemble a qualified team that would devote their time for free… in the name of science and the advancement of humans.

  7. Neil deGrasse Tyson i little
    younger 🙂

  8. Oh great, it’s two of the assholes who ridicule the UFO phenomenon. More and more people are beginning to find out that it’s not unlikely we  are currently being visited by aliens from other planets. Therefore more and more people are beginning to see what morons Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson are.

    I really wanted to watch this but I won’t because of these douchebags. I’m not saying it’s 100% sure were being visitied but these two have a very immature attitude towards the phenomenon. What about the Disclosure Project Bill and Neill? Are these people all liars?

    • Silly Hightower, it’s the politicians who are lying to us not the scientists.

      By the way, you’re not watching this because you are pissed that they don’t think we’ve been visited by aliens? LMAO! 

      Are you from the south? (no offense to any southern yanks that deal with facts instead of stories)

      • I said they have a very immature attitude towards UFO’s, you seem to be having trouble reading. Are you from the South? They are pretending that the whole UFO phenomenon is nothing more than some lights in the sky! Go on youtube and watch the news stories on the UFO over Guernsey and then tell me the pilot and his passengers just saw a “light in the sky” or a cloud. 

        The arguments that these so called skeptics use sound great until you zoom in. The alien-hypothesis becomes very real when zooming in on certain cases. High ranked people from the French government concluded this when they wrote the COMETA report. You know the Cometa report right, since you’re such an expert. Please explain to me why the Cometa report is wrong.

    • Believing that we’re being visited by aliens is as ridiculous as a grown man believing in Santa Claus. These “douchebags” ridicule people like you because as a scientist you look at facts, not stories children tell.

      • Keep these comments coming! I used to be skeptical up to 6 months ago, but I didn’t express myself in the judgmental way that you are doing. The great thing about the internet is that this is all documented. One day our children will look back at remarks like yours and laugh their asses off! 

        But Bree Dietze, since you’re the expert, please explain to me what’s going on with the Disclosure Project? And what’s your opinion on Trumbull Ohio or the Zimbabwe sighting in 1994 or Westall Australia in 1966. You must know what I’m talking about, so please free me from my ignorance and enlighten me!

    • Man, please. I need one (only 1) UFO case that is undoubtedly alien in its origin. Even you said that you are not 100% sure, you are probably 95%. Niel and the other skeptics don’t say we were never visited, it is just highly unlikely. 

      Give me proof, just 1 proof of aliens exists. I want to believe, but the problem is just this. Believing that the UFO phenomenon (aliens come here) is real is religion, a matter of faith, knowing it is because of hard evidence is science. I prefer the second one. 

      • Explain Trumbull Ohio 1994 to me then. What did the police officers see? It was a technological phenomenon so it was either secret technology or technology out of this world. If it’s the first one, why would the government test secret technology over cities and towns and scare law enforcement officers en civilians? And why does the government scramble their own airforce time and time again to chase their own secret technology? And why does the American government clearly lie about their interest in UFO’s? Watch the Black Vault John Greenewald JR’s lecture on his discoveries through documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act?

        And if you want to hide behind hard science and don’t want to think for yourself, that’s fine with me. I’m choosing to be more like a detective and look at the soft and the hard evidence.

  9. there is NO future in space ,,, we are here stack for good , we should better start investing time know haw and technology to save this planet we have 

    It is the only one with in billion light year around .

    stop clearing tree`s , stop deforestation , stop depleting the ocean`s , 

    And for the future generation stop waisting .

    only a fool will believe that all the money in space was spend for the better of all ,

    It was only was military use first .

    just today 25/10/2011 the USA dismantle one of it biggest atom bomb , one of 6000 !

    6000 atomic bomb`s do you know haw much all this shit cost ?

    could have paid of the USA national debt and give every American free health care.

    stupid fool`s ,

    One earth , only one .

  10. Wow Neil, you appear to have been newly discovered as the biggest asshole in the entire Universe!  What a pompous dickhead…no wonder you get no governmental funding for your intergalactic pipe dreams.

    • If being passionate about where the future of discovery and our priorities as a nation lie makes you an asshole, then I’m an asshole too.

      • Was commenting purely on his demeanor throughout this entire piece.  Acts like a bratty kid in a sandbox throwing a tantrum because “Dad” took his bucket ($) away!  He’s definitely the only person on Earth that gets the whole governmental greed over the common good debate…thanks for enlightening the rest of us mere mortals Captain Cosmos.  🙂