Out of Shadows

Out of Shadows is a film that attempts to lift the mask on how the mainstream media and Hollywood try to manipulate and control the masses by spreading propaganda via their platform. Released on YouTube in early April 2020, this film gained over a million views within its first 24 hours after being released, it is currently clocking in at just over thirteen million views which means people are certainly taking notice.

Right from the get-go we hear from Hollywood stunt actor Mike Smith, as he speaks on his experience working on the inside. The message is clear and the film literally aims to “wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to and brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda”. Some of the ideas and theories touched on throughout the film are at times hard to hear. They reference cannibalism-themed Hollywood dinners, trafficking of children in Hollywood, and child abuse as entertainment during Hollywood events.

You might at first be quick to brush some of these claims off but a lot of the points raised in the film do indeed hold weight. Recently we have seen that there’s a lot of politics involved in Hollywood today, from leaked emails between Sony Pictures’ executives and government officials to Harvey Weinstein, who was a large contributor to Hilary Clinton’s Presidential campaign and just take one look at the villains in their movies, they are nearly always portrayed to be Russians, Germans, etc. America will never be presented as the villain.

That being said however, the film very much has a go and do the research for yourself attitude which is disappointing because it takes from the valid arguments made. We the viewers are not investigative journalists and do not possess the financial or legal backing required to carry out such research. But the idea that everything is not as it seems is an idea that should be acknowledged and with over thirteen million views the film has yet to be officially “trending” on YouTube which begs the question, are they deliberately attempting to hide it?

Directed by: Mike Smith

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  1. ThanQ, from England. #SaveTheChildren #SaveOurChildren #ENDHUMANTRAFFICKING #Adrenochrome #AdrenochromeHarvest #ThesePeopleAreSick #Trump2020 #DrainTheSwamp

  2. Elements of truth and elements of complete nonsense in a strange jumble, with cut-off clips of people taken out of context and some very dubious ‘experts’. Depressing that this is currently no 1 in the ‘Best’ selection. Makes me wonder if Documentary Heaven is a promoter of conspiracy theories in some way. It’s certainly not doing anything to promote genuinely solid good journalism, which is a shame and I won’t be using the site again.
    Are there just a lot of people who genuinely liked this documentary? I really really hope not. And if you like it because the ridiculousness is funny (which at times it is, I’ll admit), whatever you do don’t give it a good star rating because some people will genuinely believe all this stuff, even the occult symbolism.

  3. Really people, think beyond the initial “facts” being “sold” to you here. No doubt some of the ideas “suggested” to folks probably have some merit. But really, in the greater picture, why would most people sell themselves out to obvious blackmail unless their livelihoods, or their own lives or that of family and friends were being threatened? They wouldn’t and most of us wouldn’t join shit like this either unless we were being threatened in some way. One of the biggest parts of Hitler and company’s game was repeating their propaganda over and over until people could almost recite it backwards to each other. The other part was their propaganda was made up of what they were actually doing until you believed their opponents were doing it. Take Pizzagate. It is so “simple of a concept that something huge obviously is behind it. It’s also set up so it attracts humans in the most basic ways, sex and gossip. Who is going to believe that? The simplest, least able to think amongst us. The uneducated as Trump says. They love him. Why yes they do. And he loves them because they are the easiest to manipulate. Really, no matter your religious or political affiliations, why would two retired politicians, Clinton and Podesta mix their names up in something called pizzagate unless some blackmail or huge financial gain is involved? They are no longer in office so they really don’t affect political decisions. Neither need the money. So unless they or people affiliated with them were being threatened in some way why would they be involved in something that sounds so silly? But yet, if evil doers can use their supposed involvement to stir up the less educated amongst us to turn around and affect whole groups thinking and voting, well now you have a whole additional way to manipulate and promote ideas and peoples thinking. Same way with getting celebrities to put stuff in their music, videos and merchandise. By threatening these people then anyone who follows the celebrity helps promote that underlying propaganda even if the celebrity doesn’t agree. What can they do or say if they want to save their careers? Maybe that’s why so many just up and commit suicide, quit or disappear. Why are so many miserable when from our viewpoint it looks like they have the world? All very questionable but I have no doubt our government and the those who wish to manipulate our thinking use all these things to get us to think and act in ways that shape the world for their liking and to use things against us at every opportunity. Realize that probably nothing is as it appears initially. Unfortunately we all must take the time to evaluate ever concept set in front of us for it’s honestly, true vale and meaning. That of course would take much time, involved thought and analysis for most concepts. And those with ulterior motives, they know most of us don’t have that time and many don’t have the IQ or education so the evil doers are safe in manipulating us. It has always worked throughout history and right now America is in the mist of practically being manipulated off the planet. Eyes and ears open folks. Nothing is ever as it appears. It is the responsibility of each of us to evaluate that that is placed in front of us and evaluate the value and honesty as best as we are able. The laziest and worst reaction each of us can do is take things at face value. That is exactly what the promoters of evil are betting on. Let’s at least give them a challenge. THINK people THINK, and always QUESTION.

  4. Why would those involved with this film risk their careers, reputation and even their life to put this information out there if it wasn’t true? It all fits together, all of the bits and pieces we hear, there must be truth in at least part of it. Look how fast Pizzagate disappered from the media! It’s really hard to believe that some people can be so evil! I’d like to thank those involved with getting this film out for their bravery, and for helping to wake up the American people.

  5. Oh god there is nothing as hilarious as wackjob born again xtians….

  6. For the ones in the comments against the truth of this, you’re derailed & delusional bootlickers & as long as you live that way, you’ll always be a kiss-ass instead of free thinking. If you disagree, you’re part of the problem.

    Phenomenal documentary, more power to the people trying to spread factual events going on in America.

    • The people who are angry and saying nasty things are people who are SHALLOW, worship celebrities ,and are stupid enough to believe everything the media says .. no WONDER they are triggered by truth

      • Seems like you folks are the angry ones, calling people nasty names and all. Most of us that can see through this propaganda find this documentary hilarious. 🤣

  7. Just because one is granted freedom of speech doesn’t mean that we should provide platforms for the ranting of deranged individuals.

  8. Yeah, the stunt men always are always completely in the loop as to the politics of power brokers

  9. Please don’t allow this drivel to infect your critical thinking.

  10. What a steaming pile of………!!! Let me guess… these people are born again? Yea there are some evil peole in Hollywood, who deosn’t know that…but this is just…ridiculous. Do you believe everything you have been told through movies and media? I certainly don’t..(including this! OMG!) They are trying to group all of us, out here, as not being able to do any critical thinking. There are alot of non sequiturs, leaps of logic, and generally, the participants just seem one dimensional and silly. MUCH Dunning-Krugert effect.

  11. Well…what about reality tv? Was that issued by the CIA? Or are
    they just fads, that make money because of their different style?
    What about the people that I know, that write their own music?
    Are they really agents, having to have been recruited at birth…
    because I’ve known them since kindergarten?
    I think there may be some messages or influences being promoted by
    Gov./CIA…but entire dimensions, alternate realities, existences…
    COME ON!
    I definitely believe that they pulled Germans out of executions for
    their crimes against humanities, though. Some white people don’t
    give 2 shits about what pain others have been put through.
    Enough to let people die & be treated inhumanely at our border, all
    because they seek asylum from the violence that the U.S. creates
    in their regions, though.
    You’d sell drugs, too, if your only option was to work constantly
    in U.S. auto factories making $2.20 an hour.
    Factories that U.S. passed laws IN MEXICO to enable them to pay
    Mexicans poverty wages.
    Only thing left to do, is furnish them with all the weapons they
    need to protect their product THAT THE U.S. DEMANDS!