Overnight is a documentary released in 2003, about the rise and fall of the filmmaker and musician Troy Duff. Troy Duffy wrote and directed the cult classic “The Boondock Saints” but is described to be a victim of his own ego, having made it to the top only to witness his fortunes fade whilst becoming more and more abusive towards his friends, relatives and business partners.

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  1. Troy clearly lost all his friends, and damaged family relationships. The William Goldman quote at the end is truly apropos. I saw this documentary for the first time in 2007, I later read a quote from Duffy dismissing his behavior with ‘he thought this was how people at the top in Hollywood were’.

  2. It’s almost impossible not to believe this Troy fellow isn’t playing a character. Ten to twelve minutes in to this film & he is already repugnant. He could very well be a character from Trailer Park Boys. It would be a funny stunt if he was portraying a character but the sad truth is that he is taking himself seriously & believes his own BS.

  3. By my rough calculations, the film & music production and all the marketing could have been covered entirely by what these guys spent on cigarettes and liquor…
    The final scene in this doc should be an intervention.

    • Your idea makes for a very appropriate ending. The intervention really needs to be about much more than tobacco & alcohol though. Do they do asshole & douche-bag interventions?

  4. That comment about Jeremy Bruckheimer in the beginning. HAHAHA!! Jeremy has gone far and beyond that this douche!

  5. I am a fan of the Boondock Saints, but I will never look at it the same again…. What a class A douchebag. I can not believe this guy was/is that arrogant??? There is no denying he has talent in script writing and film making. Especially for someone that didn’t attend film school or any formal training, but to piss it all away with that ego…I don’t feel bad for people like that. You get what you deserve. I feel bad for his former band mates tho. Troy Duffy=world class douche.

  6. my goodness, this guy is the most distasteful human being i’ve ever seen.
    It’s just so difficult watching his ignorance and arrogance mix into a horrible embarrassment of himself.

  7. Boy what an angry, impatient imbecile, and a homophobe to boot. In the end, though, he made an OK cult hit with one A-list actor.

    I get the feeling that Duffy either took what was mild interest by Mirimax as amore than it really was, or Mirimax was legitimately interested, and his off-putting personality fucked up the deal. It’s difficult to tell what the case was.

    Also, I’m interested in learning how he got WIllam Defoe on board.

  8. Good Movie, unfortunately serious issues with Ego`s and Management but isn`t that America