The Paedophile Hunter

The Paedophile Hunter is a 2014 Channel 4 documentary which follows Stinson Hunter and his mates as they inflict their own brand of vigilante justice upon men who are attempting to meet underage girls. Operating out of Nuneaton, a town in Warwickshire, England, Hunter and his cronies set up online profiles for underage girls, and then play a waiting game of sorts in the hopes that someone will initiate conversation with them.

In these conversations Hunter makes sure that his targets are very aware of the fact that his fake self is underage, typically under the age of 14. In essence he is grooming groomers into meeting up for an altercation whilst filming the whole thing in an attempt to publicly shame them or perhaps even get them arrested by sending the police a package with all of the evidence he has gathered.


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  1. Why the hell is this wonderful chap classed as a frikin vigilante , don’t get this at all.. If it wasn’t for the help of these people HELPING TO CONVICT dirty animalistic human beings.. If you can call them that, answer me this why should this man flee and have to go into hiding all because people can’t and won’t accept that he’s doing the justice for all abused children. Pay and present, is it because he’s an ex druggy and Alcoholic!! Advised of again done before sentence and now wants to turn his life around too bright justice where our own police force fail to do.. Why? Hunt him?? Has this country found so far up it’s own are it just can’t see what we get asked to give charity to assist pheodophiles 3rd world countries to rape marry and ruin 12 year old girls.. But Mr Stinton Hunters the wrong one here seriously should thank him every minute of everyday for what he’s doing.. Instead of labelling him as the wrong un.. GET AGRIP F OR PICTURES SAKE!!!

  2. bullshit ads you’ve got to be kidding its called editing