Paedophile Hunters: The Rise Of The Vigilantes

It would appear that pedophilia is on the rise in the United Kingdom and with this increase comes an increase in vigilante groups who intend on catching and exposing them. Publicly the police have said that they themselves are struggling with this increase in online child sex predators but they have also officially stated that they will not work with these vigilante groups as they are concerned that cases may be jeopardised and people could get hurt.

The Home Office have released a shocking statistic, which is that there has been a 700% increase in online child abuse images in the last 5 years and because of this the paedophile hunters claim they are simply filling the void with regards to tackling this very real threat.

In this film we see journalist Livvy Haydock investigate whether these vigilante groups are indeed helping to tackle the problem or becoming a threat themselves.

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  1. Lol. We had a pair of self-proclaimed paedohunters in my city. Turns out they were low level drug peddlars. They were targetted and beaten up. When their drug den mysteriously burned down they left town.

  2. Chris Hanson of Dateline started this movement with his series “to catch a predator”